Sins of the Father

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Sins of the Father (#145)
Sins of the Father.png
Released 4 June 2020 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series Myreque
Official difficulty Master
Lead developer(s) Mod Ed

Sins of the Father is the fifth quest in the Myreque quest series. First announced at RuneFest 2019, the quest is of Master difficulty and involves a plan, hatched by The Myreque and Vanescula Drakan, to assassinate Lord Drakan himself.

Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointQuest point icon.png Speak to Veliaf Hurtz outside the church in Slepe.
Official difficultyMaster
DescriptionA darkness has fallen over Morytania. The Myreque freedom fighters have achieved their first major victory over the vampyres with the death of Ranis Drakan. However, their newly found hope is unlikely to last. After many years of absence, Lord Lowerniel Drakan, the vampyre overlord of Morytania, has finally emerged from his castle. He has but one goal. To avenge his brother and eradicate the Myreque once and for all.
Official lengthLong
Items required
Enemies to defeat

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Slepe's Sleeper Plague[edit | edit source]

Items needed: None
Items recommended: Drakan's medallion or an Ectophial alongside 10,000 coins. Combat equipment for the next section.

Make your way to Slepe by either:

  • Teleporting to Ver Sinhaza via Drakan's medallion, then running north. Once you pass the small dock, run east to arrive at Slepe.
  • Using the Ectophial to teleport to the Ectofuntus, then heading north to the small dock and paying Andras 10,000 coins to row to Slepe. You will arrive at a dock just south-west of Slepe.
Veliaf Hurtz chathead.png

Once in Slepe, speak to Veliaf Hurtz outside the church. He explains that the town has recently been exposed to an illness known as the Sleeper Plague, in which the afflicted fall into a deep sleep. Through his investigation, he suspects the vampyres are responsible for causing the plague, and asks if you could try and find the source of the illness while he continues his investigation at the Crombwick Manor. Agree to help him.

Enter the church and speak to Hameln the Jester, whose travelling companion, Hanchen the Hound, has succumbed to the Sleeper Plague. Ask him how he fell ill, and he will say that they both visited the local pub, The Rat & Bat, for a few drinks. Shortly afterward, Hanchen began to fall ill and collapse.

Plague's End[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Combat equipment
Items recommended: Food and prayer potions
The path Carl takes, alongside spots you should stand on to prevent being spotted.
Following Carl around Slepe.
Carl chathead.png

Visit The Rat & Bat just south-east of the church, and talk to Carl the barkeep. Ask him where he gets his bloody bracers from, and he will act suspicious in response to your questions. Inspect the barrel behind the pub, you'll find out that Carl is just about out of Bloody Bracers, and decide to follow him.

Carl will walk around Slepe and periodically turn around, where you will need to hide behind a piece of landscape or building in order to not be caught. If you are caught, you will start from the beginning again.

  1. Go through the church and hide at the north doors, wait there until he passes the doors.
  2. Proceed north to the trees and hide there.
  3. When he reaches the centre square of the town, hide at the trees close to the gallows.
  4. Wait there until he enters the graveyard. Then run to the plants at the graveyard entrance.
  5. Enter the Sisterhood Sanctuary.

Once Carl reaches the dungeon without you being caught, a cutscene will play in which Carl tells Kroy, a vampyre herbalist, about you and your suspicions. After leaving, Damien Leucurte and Vanstrom Klause visit Kroy, and tells him about his discovery of the Elixir of Everlasting, a formula created by Otrava of The Sisterhood which extends their lives, but with the side effect of sleeping for longer and longer periods until they never wake again.

Damien and Kroy then admit that they were behind the re-emergence of the Sleeper Plague by mixing the Elixir with Bloody bracers, so that they may perform larger blood tithes on the victims, who only require a fraction of the blood a normal human needs. Vanstrom is not happy with this, as he is in charge of Morytania's blood tithes and Damien has not obtained his permission to do this, risking unwanted attention. Vanstrom further warns him that you and The Myreque have already arrived in Slepe, and leaves for Darkmeyer.

Upon both of them leaving, you will enter Kroy's lab. Knowing everything now, Kroy will attack you, using both melee and magic attacks.

During the fight, pray Protect from Magic as his melee damage is lower than magic. Kroy can be harmed by weapons other than the Ivandis flail, so it's recommend to take advantage of this by using ranged and safe-spotting from behind the northern tables.

Kroy will occasionally throw a vial that weakens you if you don't move out of the way. The animation is different from his regular attack; watch for a vial appearing in his hands. It's also visible in the air, meaning that safe-spotting will allow you to see it and move out of the way. After the vial is thrown, provided it does not hit you, a puddle will appear on the floor that will also weaken you if you walk over it. The fight is fairly easy once the mechanics are learned, but bring several pieces of food to be safe.

Upon killing Kroy, destroy the two lab tables and return to Veliaf.

An Unwelcome Surprise[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Knife, axe, hammer, a few inventory spaces, combat equipment and a weapon to harm tier 2 vampyres (such as the Ivandis flail).
Items recommended: Two Salve Graveyard Teleports, one Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport and food to heal yourself and Ivan Strom.

Note: Ensure that your pet is banked as it will prevent you from starting your trek with Ivan Strom

Upon returning to Veliaf, you report that the vampyres are indeed the cause of the Sleeper Plague, and the conversation between Damien and Vanstrom. Veliaf comments about rumours he heard about the growing demand for blood since the vampyre population has been increasing, and also heard a small part of a conversation between the two at the Crombwick Manor, with Vanstrom accusing Damien of demanding too much blood tithes from the werewolves.

Veliaf concludes that the werewolves are worth investigating, and that the increased demand of blood in Darkmeyer may cause unrest that the Myreque might be able to take advantage of. Before continuing the investigation, Veliaf wishes to check in with Drezel and Ivan Strom at Paterdomus.

The werewolves deliver a family of three to Damien.

Head to Drezel at the Paterdomus. He tells you and Veliaf that the kidnappings by the werewolves has escalated, and that Ivan has overheard of a meeting in the Haunted Woods, which he has went to spy on. Veliaf is angered, asking Drezel why he'd let him go without any support, and that he must be kept safe. You then ask why Ivan is so important, and Drezel reveals he is the last living descendant of Ivandis Seergaze, one of the Seven Priestly Warriors, who originally blessed the River Salve.

Vanescula Drakan ambushes you, Veliaf and Ivan.

After a continuing argument about Ivan's fate, you suggest Veliaf and yourself head to the meeting spot and find Ivan. Ivan can be found directly south of Fenkenstrain's Castle, and the meeting starts shortly. The meeting is between three werewolves and Damien Leucurte, who have delivered a family of three to Damien, confirming the suspicion that werewolves were behind the kidnappings. Ivan proposes that they follow the werewolves, but then Vanescula Drakan, the sister of Lord Lowerniel Drakan, knocks Veliaf back and snares him, you and Ivan.

Vanescula Drakan offers her help to kill her brother.

Vanescula comes to talk with you and the group, offering the chance to kill her last remaining brother, Lord Drakan himself. Veliaf, suspicious of her intentions, asks her why she'd want her brother killed, but she refuses to share them where they are. Rather, she will explain herself at the Icyene Graveyard, providing that all the Myreque members are there. Veliaf believes this to be a trap to lure them all out, but Vanescula reveals that she already knows where the Myreque Hideout is and that if they do not attend, she will kill the entire resistance group.

Left with no choice, Veliaf travels to the Burgh de Rott hideout to inform the rest of the group, and also inform Safalaan's group in Meiyerditch, while you escort Ivan down to Burgh de Rott. But first, Ivan needs to update Drezel on the situation and collect some things from Paterdomus. He tells you to meet him outside the temple once you're ready.

Head west of Canifis (towards Paterdomus, near fairy ring, "CKS") and talk to Ivan Strom to begin your trek. This escort is similar to Temple Trekking, but there are four set obstacles you and Ivan will face:

  1. River crossing - Use a knife to cut 3 vines from the smaller trees, then wind the vines together to make a long vine. Throw the long vine to the larger tree's branch and swing over the river. If you forgot to bring a knife, search the nearby backpack to find one.
  2. Nail beasts - Kill the three nail beasts, who range from level 69 to 141. If Ivan's health is low, use your food on him to heal him. ( Warning: If you use Purple Sweets, Ivan will eat the whole stack! )
  3. Broken bridge - Chop down the trees and use the logs to fill the gaps in the bridge. You must either have a hammer in your inventory or be wielding an axe to repair the bridge. If you forgot to bring an axe, kill the nearby zombie for a bronze axe.
  4. Vampyre Juvinates - Kill the two Vampyre Juvinates. You will need a weapon to harm tier 2 vampyres; the Ivandis flail works best. Immediately attack the vampyre in front of Ivan and then do the same to the other one to avoid Ivan's death. If it fails and Ivan's health is low, use your food on him to heal him.

Once at Burgh de Rott, speak with Ivan Strom, who will head to the dock. After, head to the dock on the southern coast and speak with Veliaf or Ivan Strom. If you do not speak to either Ivan Strom or Veliaf Hurtz prior to boarding the boat, you will not have the option to sail to the Icyene Graveyard.

A Nice and Simple Plan[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Pickaxe, combat equipment to kill a Mutated Bloodveld (level 123) and some free inventory space.
Items recommended: Drakan's medallion, Morytania legs 3 or Mort'ton teleport
The entirety of the Myreque meet with Vanescula Drakan.

Head to Icyene Graveyard. Safalaan will greet you and Veliaf, and promote you to lieutenant. Vanescula Drakan appears, and explains her plans. As the human population decreases, the vampyre's has continued to grow, and there is no longer enough blood to go around. And despite this crisis, their leader, Lowerniel Drakan has remained absent, spending months in his chambers and refusing to see anyone. She wishes to overthrow her brother, and rule with humans and vampyres coexisting peacefully, as they once did in the Zarosian Empire during the Second Age. She proposes helping the Myreque kill Lowerniel, with the Myreque taking credit for his death so that Vanescula can easily take his place without angering those loyal to Lowerniel. She adds that if the Myreque refuse her proposal, she will kill them if they remain in Morytania, as she can't afford any loose ends.

While Vanescula lets the group think over her proposal, she asks to chat with Safalaan privately. Veliaf, remaining suspicious of her intentions, asks you to join them. Vanescula will reveal that she knows of Safalaan's hidden powers, and that the truth behind his heritage and powers will be found inside the large mausoleum, which was built for Queen Efaritay and King Ascertes, the previous rulers of Morytania (then known as Hallowvale). However, the door is locked, and you must solve a puzzle to open it.

A nearly-complete version of the puzzle that must be solved to unlock the mausoleum door.

Complete the puzzle, which is similar to the game Kakurasu. The objective of the puzzle is to have the active numbers (different for each player), which are marked with the blue and yellow squares in each row/column, to add up to the number shown on that row/column. The red flags are not needed to solve the puzzle, but can help you mark off squares that they think they will not need. An easy place to start is by checking for any numbers in a row or column that are below 5, as you can use that to eliminate some of the possibilities. Additionally, some numbers can only be solved by a certain combination (e.g. 11 can be solved by using the numbers 5,3,2,1 or 5,4,2).

Safalaan discovers his half-icyene heritage.

After the puzzle is complete, a cutscene plays in which you and Safalaan discover that he is the half-icyene and half-human son of Efaritay and Ascertes, and that he once had a sister, Larina Hallow, and that his powers were those of an icyene. Safalaan then asks where his parents' tombs are, since the mausoleum was built for them, but only his sister was found. He agrees to Vanescula's plan to overthrow Lowerniel, on the condition she reveals the whereabouts of his parents and that he be the one who deals the killing blow on her brother. Vanescula reveals that only Lowerniel knows of Efaritay's fate, and that Ascertes underwent the vampyrification process, becoming Vanstrom Klause.

Needing some time alone, Safalaan asks you to speak to Ivan Strom, Vertida Sefalatis, Kael Forshaw, Radigad Ponfit, Polmafi Ferdygris, and lastly Veliaf Hurtz, in that specific order. Note: The Myreque members must be spoken to in the specific order listed. Make sure to talk to all members and get them to confirm they will help, then talk to Veliaf who will begrudgingly agree to help too. Verify your quest journal before proceeding.

After getting everyone to agree, Vanescula believes that the laboratory beneath Meiyerditch may have more secrets to discover, some of which can potentially upgrade the Ivandis flail to give the Myreque a better fighting chance. You and Safalaan will search the laboratory together.

Make your way to the laboratory. A quick way to reach it is to teleport to Ver Sinhaza using your Drakan's Medallion and speak to the Vyrewatch next to the bank and request to be sent to the mines. Mine 15 daeyalt ore, place ore into empty cart, then talk to a Vyrewatch to get out (if you forgot a pickaxe, you can ask one of the miners for a bronze pickaxe). You will be transported out of the mines. Look around the houses for a staircase that goes down (Laboratory from Darkness of Hallowvale). The building is against the eastern wall. Go towards the house you had to enter before going up the stairs to make the jump and enter the secret carpet room. From here continue going north-east staying near the eastern wall. You will find the house with a clearly visible large tapestry in one of the rooms, coloured red and yellow. Walk through the slashed tapestry, and go down the stairs.

Safalaan unintentionally unleashes his icyene powers to kill a mutated bloodveld.

Talk to Safalaan and you both will explore the laboratory. However, a Mutated Bloodveld will appear, and Safalaan unintentionally unleashes his icyene powers to kill it, knocking him out. Another will appear, and you must kill it. The fight is very simple and straightforward, and the bloodveld can be very easily safespotted. Once you've killed it, speak to Safalaan again, and he will question the usefulness of his powers since he has no control over how and when he could use them.

After speaking to him, head west to the next room and search the bookshelf against the western wall (behind two cages) to obtain a book titled Haemalchemy volume 2. Return to Safalaan and give him the book. He will then ask you to return to the Icyene Graveyard. Teleport or walk back to Burgh de Rott, run south-east and use the boat back to the Icyene Graveyard.

A Vyre-ry Noble Disguise[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Ivandis flail, armour, Vyrewatch outfit or 1,950 coins
Items recommended: Drakan's medallion, Morytania legs 3 or Mort'ton teleport, some food, an antipoison, 1-2 prayer potions, and 1 super combat potion.

Speak to either Veliaf, Safalaan or Vanescula, who tells you of the Blisterwood Tree, a tree created by Efaritay whose wood is lethal to vampyres. She suggests using Blisterwood to enhance the Myreque's weapons. However, the only known Blisterwood tree is found in Efaritay's old Arboretum, in the middle of Darkmeyer. Vanescula suggests modifying a vyrewatch outfit to one of a vampyre noble to blend in better, and Safalaan suggests you take the disguise to Polmafi Ferdygris at the Myreque Hideout under Old Man Ral's house.

If you don't already have a vyrewatch outfit, you can purchase a set for 1,950 coins from Trader Sven's Black-market Goods directly south of Old Man Ral's house. Head to the Myreque Hideout (down the Trap Door in Old Man Ral's house) and have Polmafi modify your outfit, turning them into a vyre noble outfit, albeit unscented. Return to the Icyene Graveyard and speak to Vanescula.

As the vampyres have a very keen sense of smell, the outfit must be scented with blood, but it must be the blood of a noble, as Darkmeyer's nobility won't go interacting with lesser vampyres. Vanescula suggests killing two birds with one stone by killing Damien Leucurte, who is an obscure, lesser noble and has become a problem that needs to be resolved.

Head to a bank and gear up for the fight, where you'll be taking on Damien (level 204), who can only be harmed with the Ivandis flail. The fight is relatively simple. You'll want to bring some food (especially for lower levels), 1-2 prayer potions, combat potions and a way to cure poison. Once you are ready, head to Slepe where you first spoke to Veliaf. You can either teleport using Drakan's Medallion and run or take the boat from Icyene Graveyard.

Damien Leucurte can be found in Crombwick Manor, (the large manor in the northern part of Slepe), to fight him, you must speak with Veliaf where you first start the quest. Damien uses a combination of ranged and magic attacks, periodically spreading magical fire around the room during the fight. You must stamp out the fires or he will become increasingly resistant to your attacks. He can also poison you during the fight. By using Protect from Magic and stamping out the fires he produces, you shouldn't take much damage. Veliaf will help you in the fight, but do not expect him to do much damage.

Once you are victorious and have spoken to Veliaf, return to Icyene Graveyard and speak with Vanescula Drakan, who tells you of a small crack in the southern wall that you can use to enter Darkmeyer.

Note: If you teleport out of the Damien encounter immediately as he hits zero health, your quest guide will update properly but your Vyre Outfit will continue to be the Unscented version. If this happens, it will vanish after you speak with Vanescula and will need to be reclaimed from the Myreque base under Old Man Ral's house

The Branches of Darkmeyer[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Vyre noble disguise, an axe, eight free inventory spaces
Items recommended: Weight reducing gear, stamina potion, ways to restore run energy.

Wear your vyre noble disguise and ask any vyrewatch to send you to the mines. As they perceive you to be a noble, you need not mine any daeyalt ore to leave; you will simply be escorted out. Once you exit the mine, head north to the crack and enter it to arrive in Darkmeyer. You will arrive at the lower tier of the city; prior to the quest's completion, you will not be able to access any of the features, which includes the bank. You can however use the altar south of the bank.

Make your way to the Arboretum in the middle of the city, and attempt to enter; a guard named Desmodus Lasiurus will stop you, telling you that the Drakans have ordered that no one can enter the Arboretum. You will ask him if there is anything you can do for him to give you access, and he will say a juvinate named Mordan Nikazsi was supposed to deliver some slaves (Maria and Ron Gadderanks) to him, but he has not shown up.

Mordan Nikazsi can be found in the lower tier of the city in a house near the eastern outer wall in a building with a water source icon (Water source icon.png), two houses north of the furnace. He tells you that he sold Desmodus' slaves to Lord Alexei Jovkai, the head of House Jovkai, and that the slaves are in his prison directly south of the food shop (Food shop icon.png icon).

At the prison, speak to Maria Gadderanks, who tells you they arrived here a short while ago, and are already well treated. Another prisoner interrupts, telling you Lord Jovkai keeps them well looked after, with a nice bed, good food and clean clothes on the condition that they give him a bit of blood from time to time. The vyrewatch then asks you to leave as Lord Jovkai enters, asking you what you are doing here. You will tell him that the prisoners were promised to Desmodus, but Lord Jovkai tells you he's already paid for them and you'll have to find some different slaves.

Sarius stops Vanstrom from recognising you and breaking your cover.

Vanstrom Klause then enters the prison, and argues with Lord Jovkai that the Gadderanks belong to Desmodus, and orders Lord Jovkai to return them to him. Vanstrom then realises your voice sounds familiar, and asks that you turn and face him. As he does, Sarius Guile, Vanescula's servant, asks Vanstrom to see Vanescula as she has urgent need of him, stopping him from recognising you and breaking your cover.

Return to Desmodus, who will now let you enter the Arboretum. Upon entering, search the toppled shelves for an old note. Before you can cut the Blisterwood Tree, you will need to hydrate the tree by regulating the flow of water. Read the old note to find out how many gallons are needed to hydrate the tree (this is different for each player). The valves are found by the entrance; the northern valve sends seven gallons of water per interval, while the southern valve sends four gallons per interval.

The table below shows the solution. Each column represents the amount of intervals for the northern valve, while each row represents the amount of intervals for the southern valve.

North valve →
South valve ↓
0 1 2 3 4 5
0 0 7 14 21 28 35
1 4 11 18 25 32 39
2 8 15 22 29 36 43
3 12 19 26 33 40 47
4 16 23 30 37 44 51
5 20 27 34 41 48 55

Once you have the correct valve settings, chop eight Blisterwood logs and return to the Icyene Graveyard.

The Final Preparations[edit | edit source]

Speak to Vanescula, who tells you that she had Sarius keep an eye on you, and that her intervening with Vanstrom saved you. She then tells you that she's given Vertida the required information to craft the weapons.

Head to the Myreque Hideout under Old Man Ral's house and speak to Vertida. He will tell you how to make a ruby sickle. Search the nearby crate for a silver sickle, then combine the silver sickle and ruby (requires a chisel). Enchant the ruby sickle. Craft the Blisterwood Sickle with an enchanted ruby sickle, Blisterwood log, and a knife in your inventory. Use the Blisterwood Sickle on the Ivandis Flail to get a Blisterwood flail, as well as getting back the enchanted emerald sickle that was previously attached.

  1. Search the nearby crate for a silver sickle
  2. Attach a ruby to the sickle to create a ruby sickle (b).
  3. Cast Lvl-3 Enchant on the ruby sickle, or use an enchant ruby or topaz tablet on it.
  4. Use the Blisterwood logs on the enchanted ruby sickle to create a Blisterwood sickle.
  5. Lastly, use the Blisterwood sickle on the Ivandis flail to create the Blisterwood flail.

Return to the Icyene Graveyard. Talk to Veliaf, who will tell you that Safalaan has gone for a walk north of the Icyene Graveyard, and will send you after him. He can be found just north of the graveyard, staring out over the water to the east. Talk to him; both he and you will share your regrets before you both return to the Graveyard.

A Bloody Show[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Blisterwood flail, combat equipment.
Items recommended: High magic defence gear, equipment with crush attack bonuses, a fast ranged weapon, 43 prayer to use protection prayers (70+ recommended for Piety), high healing food, prayer potions, super combat potions and an emergency teleport.

Warning: You will have to battle Vanstrom Klause, who can hit through prayers and has a fairly high Defence level of 180. It is recommended to bring an emergency teleport during your first attempt.

Speak to Vanescula at the Icyene Graveyard once you are combat-ready. Vanescula will teleport the Myreque and take you all to Castle Drakan as her prisoners. Vanstrom will ask her how she managed to capture all the Myreque, with her telling him that she convinced them that she was on their side, then tricked them into coming to Castle Drakan. Before she enters the Castle, Lowerniel Drakan exits, already knowing Vanescula's true intentions of overthrowing him, and demands she tell him why she made that decision.

Enraged, Lowerniel proceeds to kill her vyre servants and instantly subdues his sister. Forced to take action, Polmafi, Kael, Vertida and Radigad attack, but are instantly incinerated by Lowerniel. Lowerniel then orders Vanstrom to kill the rest of you. Safalaan tries to reason with Vanstrom, knowing that he was once his father prior to the vampyrification process. Vanstrom disregards him, and knocks Safalaan out. You must now fight Vanstrom Klause.

Battling Vanstrom Klause[edit | edit source]

Dwarven helmet.png
Fire cape.png
Amulet of fury.png
Rada's blessing 2.png
Blisterwood flail.png
Karil's leathertop.png
Dragon defender.png
Karil's leatherskirt.png
Barrows gloves.png
Dragon boots.png
Berserker ring (i).png
The player battles against Vanstrom Klause.

Vanstrom Klause is level 459, and is a very difficult fight, far beyond the normal master level difficulty. It is very important to dodge all special attacks. The ring of recoil does not work during this fight. The player is also unable to summon thralls.

It is recommended to have high magic defence gear and protect from magic during this phase, as he will primarily use a magic based attack which will also heal him for a portion of the damage dealt. He can also use an attack that lowers your Attack level similar to Shadow Spells. Void melee armour or Karil's armour are good choices, black/blessed d'hide is viable too. Protect from magic does not make you immune, but reduces damage taken by 50%. You should bring a divine super combat potion, prayer potions, and the highest level food possible. Bring any level of Throwing knife as a range switch for the Acidic Bloodveld phase. Protect from Magic and Piety prayers are recommended.

During the fight, Vanstrom will do one of the following three special attacks after every 8 to 10 regular attacks. This does not apply at the start of the fight, so the special attack can occur at any time, then the counter of 8-10 regular attacks and 1 special attack will start, it is recommended to keep some distance to one side of the room to avoid this first attack unexpected special. He will never repeat the same special attack in succession.

  1. "My pets will feast on your corpse!" Vanstrom will summon an acidic bloodveld; you must kill the bloodveld from a distance or it will explode when it reaches you for 40+ damage. Bring a range switch (ideally fast attacking range equipment such as knives, as you have perfect accuracy against it and only need to hit it once) to kill the bloodveld. Runes (e.g. for Wind Strike, which can also one-shot the bloodvelds) also work and, whilst slower to use, do not require a change of weapon. Do not walk on the acid pool that appears afterward as you will take damage.
  2. "Stare into darkness!" If you are counting Vanstrom's attacks, after the 10th attack you should click away so your character is not facing Vanstrom in order to avoid taking the damage. Relying on reflexes is difficult, as the attack is very quick. Vanstrom will turn your screen to dark and you will be hit upwards of 40+ damage if you do not turn away beforehand. (Tip: Turn off Auto Retaliate and move in a circle around Vanstrom while attacking to avoid most damage from this attack.) Alternatively, sync your attacks with Vanstrom's and turn away after each of your hits.
  3. "Blood will be my strength!" Vanstrom will summon a blood orb that is visually 1x1 tile in size, but is actually 3x3. This orb increases the damage of Vanstrom's magic attacks, even with Protect from Magic. You can lure him to the orb to destroy it, or destroy it yourself, but you will take over 30 damage in the process. Higher levelled players may also simply wait for the orb to disappear.

Once Vanstrom reaches 0 health, he will heal himself for 200 hitpoints and stop performing his special attacks. During this part of the fight, he will begin to summon lightning bolts, which can be anticipated by watching the shadows on the floor and avoiding tiles where lightning will strike. His regular attacks will now hit with 100% accuracy and deal between 0-10 damage, these attacks are unaffected by Protection Prayers.

Vanstrom summons a barrage of lightning down on you.

If the lightning strikes you, you will be hit for up to 40 damage. These will appear fairly rapidly, and the delay between the circle forming and the lightning striking is short, so decent reactions are required to avoid damage. Turning off Auto Retaliate will stop your character from running back to spots about to be hit when attacking Vanstrom. Be sure to save some one-tick food (such as karambwans) for this phase as the lightning bolts strike quickly and it's very easy to die in the space of a few seconds should you fail to get out of the way quick enough.

Should you die during the fight, lost items can be retrieved from Veliaf at the Icyene Graveyard for 50,000 coins (you are not required to have the coins in your inventory). Veliaf can also be used to send you back to the final fight - if going back, activate potions before speaking to Veliaf. If you die at the same time you kill Vanstrom, you do not have to fight him again.

Note: Low-level players who are struggling, especially Ironmen without access to brews, can fight the boss while on a Vampyre slayer task to receive the bonus from the Black mask or Slayer helmet.[1]

Shattered[edit | edit source]

Upon defeat, Safalaan will beg Vanstrom to stop, and remember who he once was. Vanstrom reveals that he remembers his past life, and knowingly killed Larina. Enraged, Safalaan unleashes his icyene powers, and Vanstrom will seemingly perish in the resulting blast as he explodes. Now in shock, Safalaan is unable to move; Veliaf orders Ivan to teleport him out, but he is too far away. As Vyrewatch Sentinels approach the Myreque, Veliaf makes the tough decision to leave Safalaan behind, and Ivan teleports you, himself and Veliaf out.

In shock at the sheer power of Lord Drakan, abandoning Safalaan and the loss of Polmafi, Kael, Vertida and Radigad, Veliaf declares the Myreque's death and leaves the hideout, leaving you and Ivan behind. Ivan asks you for some time alone, and decides to stay in the hideout.

Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Sins of the Father reward scroll.png

Note: If your inventory is full when the quest is completed, you will not receive the tome of experience. The tome is also lost on death, but can be recovered. Existing reward tomes will also be dropped, but will be recovered from Ivan. Speak to Ivan Strom after the quest to claim the reward.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Music unlocked[edit | edit source]

Name Unlock details Music track
Lament for the Hallowed Unlocked upon arriving at the Icyene Graveyard
The Terrible Tunnels Unlocked upon further exploring the Meiyerditch Laboratories with Safalaan
The Terrible Caverns Unlocked upon further exploring the Meiyerditch Laboratories with Safalaan
Darkmeyer Unlocked upon entering Darkmeyer
Arboretum Unlocked upon entering the Arboretum
You Have My Attention Unlocked upon confronting Lowerniel Drakan
Upir Likhyi Unlocked upon fighting Vanstrom Klause

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
Quest complete
The song that plays upon completion of the quest.
A sunken icyene statue seen north of the graveyard, possibly a remnant of The Everlight.
A piece of official artwork of the quest, showing the Myreque facing Lowerniel Drakan.
  • Several references to The Everlight, a digsite in RuneScape accessed via the Archaeology skill, can be found in-game.
    • A mud mound can be dug up with a spade to obtain a journal page and some ancient armour, which references the Everlight.
    • While Safalaan is staring out into the ocean before the end of the quest, pieces of rubble can be seen with what looks to be Icyene statues on them.
    • Ivan's dialogue in the graveyard at this point in the quest mentions that a team of archaeologists could potentially find something big if they came here.
  • The Gravestone at the easternmost part of the Icyene Graveyard reads "'Nostalgia is a side effect of dying.' - John the Greenseer". This is a reference to the quote 'Depression is a side effect of dying.' by author John Green.
  • In RuneScape, the fifth installment of the Myreque questline is The Branches of Darkmeyer, from which Sins of the Father borrows a number of elements, in addition to The Lord of Vampyrium, the sequel to The Branches of Darkmeyer, with some minor differences:
    • Vanescula Drakan first meets the player, Veliaf and Ivan in the Haunted Woods, and proposes her plan alongside the Myreque in the Icyene Graveyard. In The Branches of Darkmeyer, she meets only the player and reveals to you the full details of her plans in the slums of Meiyerditch.
    • In RuneScape, The Icyene Graveyard is not visited until The Lord of Vampyrium (the sixth installment of the series), and is only visited by Safalaan and the player. In addition, the player discovers Safalaan's heritage during their fight with Vanstrom at the end of The Branches of Darkmeyer, rather than at the Graveyard.
    • The Branches of Darkmeyer contains a section in which players must perform various activities within Darkmeyer while disguised as a lowly vampyre to gain status within vampyre society in order to access the Arboretum. This does not occur in Sins of the Father, as the player is already given several tasks to disguise themselves as a vampyre noble.
    • In RuneScape, the player's identity is compromised by Ranis, whereas in the Sins of the Father, the player is nearly compromised by Vanstrom. In both, they are saved by Vanescula's intervention, although Vanescula directly intervenes in the former and indirectly does so in the latter.
    • Vanescula mentions that there's no need to discard the Ivandis flail and instead it can simply be upgraded with Blisterwood. This is a reference to the fact that in The Branches of Darkmeyer, the player discards the flail entirely for Blisterwood weapons, such as the Blisterwood polearm, staff and stakes.
    • During Sins of the Father, the Myreque are taken to Castle Drakan as "prisoners" of Vanescula Drakan and most are killed instantly after Lowerniel Drakan appears and subdues his sister. In comparison, during The Lord of Vampyrium, the Myreque (disguised as vyre nobles), with the help of Vanescula Drakan, ambush Lowerniel Drakan on the rooftop of Castle Drakan upon his return from Vampyrium, where the attack fails and he slowly kills off the remainder of the Myreque over the course of the quest, and is eventually killed by the player at the end.
    • In Branches of Darkmeyer, Vanescula states that she is powerful enough to kill Lowerniel herself, and is not doing so because she doesn't want to cause political instability within Vampyre society. In Sins of the Father, Lowerniel effortlessly subdues her and makes it very clear that he is much more powerful than her.
    • At the end of Sins of the Father, Ivan is forced to abandon Safalaan as he becomes surrounded by vyrewatch sentinels, leaving his fate uncertain. In The Lord of Vampyrium, Vanescula "kills" Safalaan to take his blood, which is of Icyenic origin, to sanctify herself against the River Salve, and plans to use haemalchemy to transfer this blood to the rest of the vampyres.
  • After Sins of the Father, Ivan's examine text changes to "The last remaining member of the Myreque". This isn't technically true since the player is also a member of the Myreque.

References[edit | edit source]

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