Sisterhood Sanctuary

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Sisterhood Sanctuary
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Released6 February 2020 (Update)
MusicThe Everlasting Slumber, The Bane of Ashihama
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The Sisterhood Sanctuary, also known as the Slepe Dungeon, is a formerly-sealed subterranean complex beneath Slepe created by the Sisterhood, who were former Justiciars that abandoned Saradomin and pledged allegiance to Zamorak during the Third Age. The entrance can be found via a house just south-west of the town's church.

History[edit | edit source]

When The Sisterhood took residence at a former hermitage north-east of Meiyerditch, they soon expanded the town (the original name of which is not currently known) by building additional houses and digging deeper into the dungeons beneath, where they would build the Sisterhood Sanctuary, a place where they could enact their rites and offerings in peace.

Eventually, Otrava, the Sisterhood's divine healer and a talented chemist, discovered a formula that she named the Elixir of Everlasting, which was said to be able to grant the drinker immortality. Phosani, the leader of the Sisterhood, who desired this elixir in order to be able to live as long as her vampyre lords, drank the elixir alongside other high ranking members of the Sisterhood.

While the elixir did indeed extend their lives, it also caused the drinker to sleep for increasingly longer periods of time, until one day they were trapped in an eternal slumber, never to wake again. Realising the consequences of their meddling with the natural order, the Sisterhood and the people of the town, in accordance with the laws set by Phosani, moved the sleeping members of the Sisterhood deep into the Sanctuary with all their possessions.

Out of respect, the entrance to the Sanctuary was sealed, intended never to be opened until Phosani awoke. Further, the formula for the Elixir of Everlasting was hidden away to prevent others from suffering its side effects. In honour of Phosani, they renamed the town to Sleep, but over the centuries, the spelling was eventually changed to Slepe.

Today, the town is suffering from the Sleeper Plague, with symptoms akin to that of Phosani's many years ago. This plague and the vulnerable, sleeping victims left in its wake have attracted The Nightmare, who was driven out of Ashihama in the Wushanko Isles, to the town. The Nightmare, who drains the life force of sleeping people and gives her victims horrible nightmares, has become much more powerful as a result of her arrival to Slepe.

Realising the danger The Nightmare poses, Shura, a siren pursuing the Nightmare, enlisted the help of adventurers to assist her in keeping the Nightmare at bay.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

The two quickest methods of reaching Slepe, where the Sisterhood Sanctuary is found, are:

Features[edit | edit source]

Dungeon area[edit | edit source]

To the east is the main entrance to the Sisterhood Sanctuary. To the north is a small inaccessible room filled with barrels of blood. Here, players can cast Telekinetic Grab on the bloody grimoire in the room. Further north, the vampyre Kroy can be seen experimenting on potions in a makeshift laboratory. The ladder can be climbed, leading to the ground floor of the Crombwick Manor.

North of Kroy's laboratory, another room with six hidden statues can be seen with an old key laying on the floor, which is used open the chest on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] of the church above. This room, and by extension the old key, is inaccessible until the player kills Kroy during Sins of the Father.

Sanctuary[edit | edit source]

The Sanctuary is where The Nightmare rests, in the centre of the Sanctuary. Players entering the Sanctuary will first see the Oathbreakers, former Saradomin monks who have converted to the Zamorakian way. Further north, players will find Shura and The Nightmare, where players can fight her. You may bring a Multi-cannon if you wish.

Throughout the Sanctuary are other personalities who have made their way into the Sanctuary:

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

East of the Sanctuary, some lesser demons and pyrefiends can be found, alongside pyrelords, who can only be found here. A mine can also be found here containing several iron and coal rocks.

Item spawns

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Throughout the Sanctuary, there are several ghosts and a lizard that players cannot interact with.
  • Upon release, the coffin directly beyond The Nightmare had the examine text "A scratching noise can be heard from within." This was changed the week after to "This coffin looks to be very important. There's a strange noise coming from within." This has been confirmed to be Phosani's coffin with the release of Sister Senga.