Skavid caves

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The Skavid caves

The Skavid caves are a set of six caves around the ogre city of Gu'Tanoth. The caves are inhabited by the Skavid, a race of creatures enslaved by the Ogres. The caves are an important feature of the Watchtower quest. Also, two caves each have a slow spawn of cave nightshade (also known as nightshade or belladonna).

Players need Light sources and Skavid maps to enter any of the caves.

Skavid caves 'transport system'[edit | edit source]

If players attempt to enter a Skavid cave without having a Skavid map in their inventory, they become confused and end up outside another Skavid cave. In some cases, this feature can actually be exploited as a transport system since it follows a fixed route, as shown by the arrows on the map. For example, a player running from Castle Wars to Gu'Tanoth could attempt to enter the north-west cave (ending up at the north-central one), attempt to enter the north-central one (ending up at the north-east one), and then run up the hill to the city gates. The player does not need to have a light source to use this feature.

Using the Skavid caves as a transport system is faster than walking from cave to cave and does not use run energy.

Note: This feature cannot be used if the player has a Skavid map in inventory.