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A Skillcape emote can be performed when the player is wearing the proper Cape of Accomplishment or cabbage cape. The emote has something in common with the skill whose cape they're wearing. For example, the Defence cape Skillcape emote shows a player defending themselves from different threats. The emote icon depicts a player with a Ranging cape and Ranging equipment, even though player might not get a Ranging cape.

Each Cape of Accomplishment has a different emote. It does not matter if the cape is trimmed or not; the emote is always the same. This emote can be performed on free-to-play worlds, even if it is a members skill.

These are the animations produced by operating or using the Skillcape emote while wearing a Cape of Accomplishment.

Unlocking the Music cape first does not unlock the Skillcape emote.

List of emotes[edit | edit source]

Cape Emote Cape seller Performing time
Agility cape.png: Inventory image of Agility cape Agility Agility cape emote.gif Cap'n Izzy No-Beard in Brimhaven 00:03.92
Attack cape.png: Inventory image of Attack cape Attack Attack cape emote.gif Ajjat in the Warriors' Guild 00:03.25
Construct. cape.png: Inventory image of Construct. cape Construction Construction cape emote.gif Estate agent in various cities 00:06.69
Cooking cape.png: Inventory image of Cooking cape Cooking Cooking cape emote.gif Head chef in the Cooking Guild 00:14.04
Crafting cape.png: Inventory image of Crafting cape Crafting Crafting cape emote.gif Master Crafter in the Crafting Guild 00:07.73
Defence cape.png: Inventory image of Defence cape Defence Defence cape emote.gif Melee combat tutor in Lumbridge 00:05.64
Farming cape.png: Inventory image of Farming cape Farming Farming cape emote.gif Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village 00:06.61
Firemaking cape.png: Inventory image of Firemaking cape Firemaking Firemaking cape emote.gif Ignatius Vulcan south of Seers' Village 00:03.95
Fishing cape.png: Inventory image of Fishing cape Fishing Fishing cape emote.gif Master fisher in the Fishing Guild 00:06.78
Fletching cape.png: Inventory image of Fletching cape Fletching Fletching cape emote.gif Hickton in his shop south of Catherby 00:06.20
Herblore cape.png: Inventory image of Herblore cape Herblore Herblore cape emote.gif Kaqemeex in the Taverley stone circle. 00:08.52
Hitpoints cape.png: Inventory image of Hitpoints cape Hitpoints Hitpoints cape emote.gif Surgeon General Tafani in the Duel Arena 00:04.31
Hunter cape.png: Inventory image of Hunter cape Hunter Hunter cape emote.gif Hunting expert south of the Feldip Hills 00:06.09
Magic cape.png: Inventory image of Magic cape Magic Magic cape emote.gif Wizard Sinina in the Wizards' Guild 00:02.87
Mining cape.png: Inventory image of Mining cape Mining Mining cape emote.gif Dwarf at ladder entrance of the Mining Guild 00:04.75
Prayer cape.png: Inventory image of Prayer cape Prayer Prayer cape emote.gif Brother Jered in the Edgeville Monastery 00:05.87
Ranging cape.png: Inventory image of Ranging cape Ranged Ranging cape emote.gif Armour salesman in the Ranging Guild 00:04.69
Runecraft cape.png: Inventory image of Runecraft cape Runecrafting Runecraft cape emote.gif Aubury in Varrock 00:05.79
Slayer cape.png: Inventory image of Slayer cape Slayer Slayer cape emote.gif Duradel in Shilo Village 00:02.92
Smithing cape.png: Inventory image of Smithing cape Smithing Smithing cape emote.gif Thurgo in his hut on Mudskipper Point 00:11.04
Strength cape.png: Inventory image of Strength cape Strength Strength cape emote.gif Sloane in the Warriors' Guild 00:12.27
Thieving cape.png: Inventory image of Thieving cape Thieving Thieving cape emote.gif Martin Thwait in the Rogues' Den 00:02.94
Woodcutting cape.png: Inventory image of Woodcutting cape Woodcutting Woodcutting cape emote.gif Wilfred in Lumbridge 00:11.57
Quest point cape.png: Inventory image of Quest point cape Quest points Quest point cape emote.gif Wise Old Man in Draynor Village 00:07.41
Achievement diary cape (t).png: Inventory image of Achievement diary cape (t) Achievement diary Achievement diary cape (t) emote.gif Twiggy O'Korn in Draynor Village 00:19.00
Music cape.png: Inventory image of Music cape Music Air Guitar.gif Olaf the Bard in Rellekka 00:02.00
Max cape.png: Inventory image of Max cape Max Max cape emote.gif Mac west of the Warriors' Guild 00:03.57
Cabbage cape.png: Inventory image of Cabbage cape Cabbage cape Cabbage cape emote.gif Diango in Draynor Village

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
30 October 2014
The skillcape emote button now lights up for quest cape holders.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The shortest emote is the Music cape emote which is 2.00 seconds.
  • The longest emote is the Achievement Diary emote which is 19.00 seconds.
  • A bug exists where the emote icon is not highlighted when wearing a cabbage cape even though the emote can be performed.
  • Upon initial release of the cabbage cape, players were able to use the cape's skillcape emote to complete an elite Falador diary task requiring the player to use a skillcape emote at the top of the White Knights' Castle. It was patched very soon after being found.