Skippy and the Mogres

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Skippy and the Mogres is a miniquest in which players are taught how to fight mogres.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

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Southeast of Rimmington, near the shores, wanders a drunken man named Skippy. He appears to be shouting at the sea, and rambles on mindlessly when you attempt to talk with him. Since any man usually makes more sense sober, you will have to pour a bucket of water over his head; a well-known cure to drunkenness.

Nettle tea[edit | edit source]

Skippy will sober up, but becomes annoyed by the fact he is now wet. He will ask for a nettle tea to warm himself up. You'll need to put nettles in a bowl of water to create nettle-water, then boil it on a range to obtain nettle tea. Nettles can be found nearby, south of the Draynor Village jail, and have to be gathered with gloves. Conveniently, a pair leather gloves grows next to these nettles. You might overboil the water however, therefore it is recommended to pick multiple nettles. You can barge into the house next to Skippy to use the range there.

Head back and use the nettle tea on Skippy to pour it over him as well. He will now be sober enough to realise that he has a hangover and requires a hangover cure. This cure can be made by grinding chocolate into chocolate dust with a knife or pestle and mortar, adding the chocolate dust to a bucket of milk, and then using snape grass on the chocolatey milk.

Return to Skippy and use the cure on him. This will cure him. He will then explain that he had been attacked by mogres, and shows you a trick to gently chase them out of the water with fishing explosives.

Congratulations! You've completed this miniquest!

Reward[edit | edit source]

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Completion of this miniquest is required for the following:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Skippy's phrase "The horror! The horror!" that he sometimes shouts while throwing things into the water is a reference to the famous line in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
  • If you already have ingredients for the hangover cure, you will get slightly different dialogue.
  • You'll require Cooking 20 Cooking to boil the tea, which is a higher level requirement than is needed for chilli con carne, roast rabbit and redberry pie. This is because RuneScape was designed by British.