Skippy and the Mogres

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This miniquest has a quick guide found here.
It briefly summarises the steps needed to complete the quest.

Skippy and the Mogres is a miniquest in which players are taught how to fight mogres.

Miniquest details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Skippy was attacked by mogres.
  • Teleport to Draynor and pick some nettles along the south wall of Draynor Village jail. Wear gloves when picking nettles. It is recommended that you pick several nettles (3-5) as you can fail when boiling the nettle-water, and you will have to run back to Draynor if this happens.
  • Travel south-east of Rimmington and north-west of the fishing spots, and look for Skippy along the shore.
He is the only NPC wobbling around in the area, so he shouldn't be too hard to find.
  • Talk to him.
He's a little drunk and rambles on about something. You'll have to knock some sense into him somehow.
Right-click him and choose "Sober-Up Skippy" with the bucket of water in your inventory.
He gets annoyed but seems a bit more sober and asks for a bowl of hot nettle tea to warm himself up.
Note: If you didn't already pick some, you can find nettles along the south wall of Draynor Village jail. Wear gloves when picking nettles.
  • Use a bowl of water with nettles to create nettle-water, and then use this liquid on the range just north of Skippy. Avoid accidentally drinking the bowl. If you fail and accidentally boil over the nettle-water, you can refill the bowl at the sink in the same room and try again.
  • Head back to Skippy, and use the nettle tea on him (be sure to right-click it, or else you will drink it) to warm him up.
Now, however, he is hung over and wants a hangover cure. The ingredients for a hangover cure are learned during Plague City, but if you already know them you do not need to complete this quest in order to make one.
  • Use the hangover cure on Skippy, who becomes cured.
He tells you about the Mogres who attacked him and how he escaped.

Congratulations! You've completed Skippy and the Mogres.

Reward[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Skippy's phrase "The horror! The horror!" that he sometimes shouts while throwing things into the water is a reference to the famous line in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
  • If you already have ingredients for the hangover cure you will get slightly different dialogue.