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This article is about the status. For the item, see Skull (item).
A clan of players who are skulled killing another player who is also skulled.
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A skull is a status effect in RuneScape. When skulled, players will lose all items upon death, unless the Protect Item prayer is used, in which case they will only keep their single most valuable item upon death.

The skull appears above players who attack other players unprovoked in the Wilderness, or who enter the Abyss without an abyssal bracelet equipped. Players can also be skulled by asking the Emblem Trader to skull them or by equipping an amulet of avarice or cape of skulls, in which they will remain skulled until 20 minutes after the amulet or cape is unequipped. Skulls can also be removed by dying in Last Man Standing.

Players who are attacked by another player in the Wilderness can retaliate against that player without getting skulled themselves.

Players entering the Wilderness should watch out for skull trickers. Skull trickers will attempt to get players to attack them first through deception, aggravation, and by exploiting in-game mechanics. Skull tricking is common as many PvM-ers have no intention of player killing, so they may bring three or four valuable items assuming that they would keep them all on death.

Although having a skull is extremely dangerous as it makes you a lucrative target for players and/or clans, when fighting revenants their drop table is modified, with rare drops having an increased/decreased drop rate, or in the case of some lower-value items, completely removed from their drop table while skulled.

Note: In multi-way areas, players can unintentionally skull themselves with multi-target attacks (e.g. burst/barrage spells, chinchompas, special attacks) by using the spell against their aggressor and hitting other players that haven't attacked them yet.

The "skull" will disappear automatically after 10 or 20 minutes depending on how the player got it; it disappears 10 minutes after using the Abyss, and 20 after attacking a player. If a player re-enters the Abyss or attack another player that has not attacked them yet, the skull timer will reset. Having the amulet of avarice worn will cause the player to be indefinitely skulled up until 20 minutes after unequipping it.

If a player needs to quickly remove their skull, they can die to other players or monsters.

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