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The slang dictionary is a list of informal words, expressions, and abbreviations that are commonly used in the Old School RuneScape community. It is incomplete, and may never be complete as Old School RuneScape's community and vocabulary is constantly changing.

This slang dictionary only lists Old School RuneScape-specific terms.

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#[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
"$11" The current monthly rate for membership in USD; often jokingly used on social media in minor complaints about the game implying that one is not getting their money's worth, many times accompanied by crab emojis (🦀).
2h Two-handed sword
2+1 A method of boosting loot potential at Chambers of Xeric where 2 players will complete the raid and 1 alternate account will not participate in the fighting, but simply be in the room to boost the amount of reward points the other players can receive. This abbreviation can be used to describe any ratio of accounts used. Also known as "scaling" a raid.
Alternatively, may be used for describing the number of accounts in boosting other bosses.
2:1 A method used in high-level PvM combat where the player will damage to a boss 2 times while only allowing the boss to hit them 1 time in order to minimize the potential damage the boss can deal during a fight. This abbreviation can be used to describe any ratio of damage dealt by the player and the boss. These methods are usually performed by taking advantage of pathfinding mechanics to synchronize their attack speeds, such as walking under the boss for 1 or 2 game ticks so the player is temporarily out of its attack range.
200m 200 million experience
200m all Obtaining 200 million experience in all skills
2147m 2,147,483,647 is the maximum number of items that can be in one item stack, whether they are bank notes or stackable items. In the context of coins, this is known as "max cash". This limit is set because RuneScape uses 32-bit signed integers to store values, which are unable to represent a higher number.
2S2G 2 sandstone, 2 granite; a Mining training method
2t, 3t, 4t, 5t X-tick training; a method of training gathering skills involving tick manipulation
3a Third Age
3t4g 3 tick, 4 granite; a method of training Mining by mining 4 granite rocks while tick manipulating.
99 Maximum level for a skill, Skill mastery.

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A[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Abby Abyssal, Aberrant spectres, Abyssal whip, Abyssal demon
Ac Anti-crash (usually for bosses or group Wilderness fights)
Acc Account, Accuracy
Acb Armadyl crossbow
Acp Armadyl chestplate
Acs Armadyl chainskirt
Addy Adamant
Ads Anti-dragon shield, Abyssal dagger (p++)
AFK(ing) Away from keyboard—an account training while the person has gone away from the keyboard.
Aggro Aggressiveness (referring to a monster's behaviour around players)
Ags Armadyl godsword
Air(s) Air rune
Alch(ing) Using an alchemy spell to convert items into gold using either Low or High Level Alchemy.
Alt Alternative account, generally the second account.
Ammy Amulet
Ancients Ancient Magicks
Anti Antipoison, Anti-dragon shield or Antifire
AntiD, Anti D shield Anti-dragon shield
AntiP, Ap, SuperAP Antipoison, Super antipoison potions
AoE Area of Effect—referring to attacks that affect multiple targets at once.
AoTD Amulet of the damned
Arc Arcane spirit shield, Arceuus (house or spellbook)
Ardy Ardougne
Arma Armadyl
Atk, Att Attack, Attacker role in Barbarian Assault
Autoer, autoing A bot user/using a bot
Auto, AA Auto Retaliate
Ava's Ava's attractor, accumulator, or assembler
Avs, Avies, Avys Aviansie

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B[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
B, bil Billion, e.g. 1b = 1,000,000,000 coins.
B2B, BTB Bones to Bananas, Back to back
B2P, BTP Bones to Peaches
BA Barbarian Assault
Bank made An exclamation, usually sarcastic, about the value of a drop or other benefit. Particularly used of drops (such as dragon boots) which used to be extremely valuable and are now merely "nice".
Bankstanding AFKing or socialising with other players in a populated area such as a bank or the Grand Exchange.
Barb Barbarian, Barb-tail harpoon, Barbarian Village
Barrage Ice Barrage or any other Barrage spell in the Ancient Magicks spellbook.
Baxe Battleaxe
Barb Village, Barb Vil Barbarian Village
Bbones Big bones
Bcp Bandos chestplate
BF Blast Furnace
B gloves Barrows gloves from Recipe for Disaster
Bgs Bandos godsword
BiS Best-in-slot
BK Bot kill(ing) (Player killing bots in the Wilderness)
Blitz Ice Blitz or any other Blitz spell in the Ancient Magicks spellbook.
Box Fighting rules at Duel Arena, when no equipment is used. Or purposely being attacked by a friend or monster whilst in single combat in order to avoid being killed by a PKer.
Bp Toxic blowpipe
Brace Bracelet
Brew(s) Typically Saradomin brews or, rarely, Zamorak brews. Can also refer to the act of drinking a brew.
Brid A player who fights with more than one point on the Combat Triangle. See hybridding.
Broads Broad-tipped bolts (Ranged ammunition)
BS, BSer Bow strings, bank sale, back stabber (usually used in Wildy)
BSS Blessed spirit shield
B sale, Bsale Bank sale (used when players have lots of stuff to sell)
Bsk, Bskr, Zerk(er), Berz Berserker
Btw By the way. Also used as a joke to refer to Ironmen, example: "I'm a btw, btw" meaning "I'm an ironman, btw."

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C[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Cammy, Cam Camelot
Cannon, Cann Dwarf multicannon
Cath, Cathy Catherby
Cb, Cb lvl, Cbt, Cmb, Cmbt, Combat Combat (level)
Cball Cannonball
Cbow Crystal bow, Crossbow, Craw's bow
CC Clan Chat
Chanced Receiving an attack from a boss or player when the attacker's max hit is above their target's current hitpoints, but the target does not die from the attack; leaving survival up to chance.
Chofl A haughty way of expressing contempt towards another player. Variant of "Rofl"
Chins, chinning Chinchompas, or the act of hunting/using chinchompas.
Choob A high-level player who acts like a noob.
Clue, Clueing Clue scroll, attempting to get a clue scroll or doing Treasure Trails.
CMS, Challenge Mode Raid Extra hard raids
Collat, Collatting The act of borrowing an item whilst giving items of equal value in return as collateral. Used by players who don't want to sell their items to buy different items.
Con, Cons Construction
CoX Chambers of Xeric
Crash Stealing a person or group's kills at a multicombat boss (like God Wars Dungeon, or Dagannoth Kings). See crashing.
CW, CWA, cwars Castle Wars, Clan Wars, change worlds (CW)

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D[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
D/Drag (weapon/armour name) Dragons, Dragon equipment
Da, Duel Duel Arena, Ring of dueling
Dag, Dagg Dagannoth, dagger
Dbones, D bones Dragon bones
DC, Dced, Dc'd Disconnected
Dchain Dragon chainbody
Dclaws Dragon claws
DD Dragon dagger, death dot (see below), dragon defender (more commonly known as ddef)
DDP Dragon dagger poisoned
DDP+ Dragon dagger extra poisoned—sometimes mistakenly used instead of DDP++.
DDP++, DDS Dragon dagger (p++)
Death dot, DD A multicombat player killing tactic where a number of players stand on the same square, making them appear as one player on the minimap.
Def Defence, Defender
Def tank, Defence tank Player with a Defence level of upwards of 90 or higher. Usually a player who is not pure and has Defence as one of their highest combat skills. See tanking.
Dfs Dragonfire shield. Sometimes erroneously used for Anti-dragon shield.
Dh Dharok's
Dh axe Dharok's greataxe
Dhide, D hide, D'hide Dragonhide
Dharok'ing, Dh'ing Getting one's Hitpoints as low as possible while in full Dharok's to maximise damage inflicted in battle. Often accompanied with protection prayers.
DK, DKs Dagannoth Kings
DM Deathmatch
Dmed Dragon med helm
Dmg Damage
DMM Deadman Mode
Dolo A method of boosting xp/hr or boss kills/hr by playing two accounts at once.
Dp Drop party, drop potential, death potential, door partner (to get past the doors in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon), Death Plateau
DPS Damage per Second (amount of damage dealt over time)
DS Dragon spear, Double shot (mainly used in reference to the dark bow and magic shortbow), dragon scimitar
DS1, DS2 Dragon Slayer I and Dragon Slayer II respectively
DT Desert Treasure
Dusts Dust devils
DWH Dragon warhammer

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E[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Ecto Ectofuntus, Ectophial
Edge Edgeville
EHP Efficient hours played: a measure of how many hours an account has spent gaining experience, assuming only the most efficient methods were used. For example, if the most efficient method of gaining experience in a certain skill grants 100,000 experience per hour, each time a player gains 100,000 experience in that skill, they have played 1 EHP (regardless of how many real hours it took them to get that amount of experience).
Ele Chaos Elemental
Ely Elysian spirit shield
Ess, essence Rune or pure essence (for variants with P).
Etc., etce Etceteria
EOC, EoC Referring to Evolution of Combat or RuneScape 3

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F[edit | edit source]



F2P, F2Pers, Ftp Non-members (Free-to-play)
Fally Falador
Farcaster Someone who casts a "hold" spell and doesn't go face-to-face with another player (often used with Ancient Magicks' freeze spells).
Fashionscape A term jokingly used to describe RuneScape as a dress up game or in reference to worn outfits.
FC, FCC Friends chat channel
FFA Free for all. Person who deals the most damage gets the drop.
Flip(ing) A term that refers to buying an item and then, within a short period of time, selling it for a profit.
FM Firemaking, Farming, Forum moderator
FMod Forum moderator
Fremmy, Frem Fremennik
Froob Free-to-play noob
Full Complete set that usually consists of a helm, shield, body piece and leg piece (such as full rune armour), or inventory being full (e.g. picking flax).
Funning Duelling for fun (possible rules and no stake).

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G[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
G (weapon/armour name) Granite (e.g. gmaul) or Guthan the Infested's equipment (e.g. g spear)
GB God book
GD Green dragon or Greater demon
GE Grand Exchange
GF Good fight (when used in PvP).
GG General Graardor. Good game.
GH Green Hill (Wilderness, popular player killing spot)
Gl Good luck
Glory Amulet of glory
Gmaul Granite maul
GP Gold pieces (i.e. coins), the primary currency used in Old School RuneScape.
Gold sink An activity that removes a significant amount of an item (that holds a monetary value) or currency from the game. For example, training Prayer through the usage of a gilded altar is considered a gold sink.
Grats, Gz Congratulations
Green cash stack A stack of 10 million or more coins (referring to the fact that the number on a stack of 10 million or more items is displayed in green)
GS Godsword
Guth, Gth Guthix or Guthan's
GWD, GW God Wars Dungeon

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H[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Hally Halberd
HB Heavy ballista
HC, HCIM Hardcore Ironman
Hells, HH Hellhounds
Herb Herblore
Hilt Godsword hilt
Hills Hill giants
Hop To change worlds. See world switching.
HP Hitpoints—could be used to refer to a player's Hitpoints level.
HPK Honour PKing
HT Home teleport
Hybrid A player who fights with more than one point on the Combat Triangle. See hybridding.

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I[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Ignore Ignore list
IM, Iron Ironman
Inv, Invent Inventory

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J[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Jad TzTok-Jad, Tzrek-jad, JalTok-Jad; the Zulrah phase which requires prayer switches in a similar manner to the aforementioned bosses.
JMod Jagex moderator
Jordans Primordial boots

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K[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
K Thousand, e.g. 1k = 1,000 coins, Karil's
K0, KO Knock-out, instant kill
KBD King Black Dragon
KC Kill count
KCB Karil's crossbow
Kelda, Keld Keldagrim
KG Unit of Weight
Kite Kiteshield
KQ Kalphite Queen

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L[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Law(s) Law rune
Leech Someone who does nothing in a team-work based activity. Many look down upon these people because of the fact that they earn rewards without helping.
Legs Platelegs
Lesser Lesser demon
LF Looking For:
Life Ring of life
LMS Last Man Standing — a player-versus-player battle royale style minigame.
Lob, Lobs Lobster
Long Longsword, longbow
Looter One that gathers on the spot of a kill in hopes they can get something valuable.
Lumb, Lumby Lumbridge

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M[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
M, Mil Million (e.g. 6M = 6,000,000)
Mage, Mager Referring to the Magic skill, a player who uses Magic more than Ranged or Melee; an NPC wizard; a player with 99 Magic; a player currently using Magic for combat.
Mage tank Player with high Magic and Defence.
Main A player's main character; in the context of PVP, an account with no restrictions imposed on its combat stats.
MB Mage bank (the Mage Arena in Deep Wilderness), Mage box (used in duelling), or "my bad" meaning sorry
Maul Granite maul, Obsidian maul
Mauler Player who uses a Granite maul, or Obsidian maul as their weapon.
Max, Maxed, Maxing To reach level 99 in all skills ("I maxed yesterday"); to deal the maximum amount of damage in one hit ("my max is 32 with this gear"); a player with a combat level of 126 (often referred to as "maxed cb" or "max melee").
MD Melee distance
Med (helm) A regular helm, after the old name, medium helmet.
Med level Short for "medium level" (content, gear, mobs, etc); in context of PVP, an account with between 50-75 attack and/or defence.
Mem, Memb, P2P Member
Mep1, Mep2 Mourning's End Part I and Mourning's End Part II
Merching, Merch, Merchanting Usually means the buying of an item then selling that same item later on in order to make a profit.
Meta "Most Effective Tactic Available" or the dominant strategy, referring to the best or most popular method used in a scenario such as Skill training, Bossing, etc.
Mith Mithril
Mlm Motherlode Mine
MM1, MM2 Monkey Madness I and Monkey Madness II
Money snake/Money dragon Terms for Zulrah and Vorkath, respectively; refers to their status as consistent moneymaking methods.
MSB Magic shortbow
Mta Mage Training Arena, north of the Duel Arena

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N[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Nat Nature rune
Nech Nechryael
Nezzy, Nez, Neit Neitiznot
NH No Honour—a player who wins by any means necessary in PvP.
NMZ Nightmare Zone
No arm(ing) Fighting without armour
Noob New player, derived from newbie

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O[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Obby Obsidian, as in TzHaar items; the Wilderness Obelisk; a type of pure with low Attack and high Strength (Obby pure).
One-iteming (1-iteming) Using a single item (usually weapon) to minimise risk when player-killing.
Ooo Orb of oculus
Ovl(s) Overload potions.

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P[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
P2P(er) Members (Pay-to-Play)
Pass, pw Password (the word password is censored in-game), Shantay Pass, Underground Pass
PB Personal best, i.e. best completion time of a boss.
PC Pest Control, Private chat, Price check
Pegs Pegasian boots
Ph, Phat Partyhat
Phas Port Phasmatys
Pile, Piling Multiple people attacking the same opponent.
Pick Pickaxe
PJ, PJer, PJing Pile jumping. The act of interrupting a player vs player fight by attacking one or both of the players, or attacking the winner of a fight, aiming to get the loot pile.
PK, PKer, PKing Player killer/Player killing. Someone who is fighting other players - specifically in the Wilderness or other high risk PvP areas.
Plate Platebody
PM Private message
PMod Player Moderator
Poacher Someone who steals PvM kills, or hoards one NPC to themselves.
POH Player-owned houses
Pot, Pots Potion, Lobster pot. Can also be used to inform other players in a group to drink their potions ("pot up"). There is also an item named pot.
Potter Someone who uses potions to fight.
PPot, Pray Pot Prayer potion
PP Pyramid Plunder, Pickpocketing, Prayer points.
Prepot(ing) Drinking potions at bank before taking supplies and going to a boss fight or slayer task in order to gain their bonus while saving inventory space.
Price Check (PC) Term used to find the price of the item.
Prims Primordial boots
Prod Someone that relies on a certain weapon or special attack when Pking/PvPing to defeat their opponent. For example, "AGS prod".
Prossy Proselyte armour
Pure Someone who trains only one type of skill; someone who only trains combat skills, or only non-combat skills. See Combat pure, Defence pure, or Skill pure.
Pure set Super Attack and Strength, but no Super Defence. Also refers to a dragonhide armour set minus the body.

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Q[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
QP/QPS Quest points, Quick prayers
QC, QPC Quest point cape
QS Quick Start, phrase used before Barbarian Assault waves to start before the 60 second wait.

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R[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning

Rune two-handed sword

Rags, Ragging, Raggers Term often used in PKing as someone with inferior or cheap gear.
Rambo, Rambo spec, Rambo special Term often used in pking for a high-hitting special attack, or a combination of regular hits that surprises the opponent. A word derived from John Rambo, a muscular hard lined character from the movie, First Blood.
Range Tank Player who focuses mainly on Ranged and Defence.
Rangers, Rngrs Ranger boots
RC(ing) Runecraft
RC Pker Runecrafter player killer. Someone who killed a runecrafter on their way to the Abyss runecraft area.
RCB Rune crossbow
RDT, GDT Rare drop table, Gem Drop Table
Recoil Ring of recoil
Red barred Term used to describe a monster/person with so little Hitpoints that its health bar is almost completely red. For much of RuneScape 2, monsters with large amounts of hit points could display a solid red health bar when they only had a few health points. This was what lead to the phrase being coined.
Req(s) Requirement(s)
Rev(s) Revenants
Rex Dagannoth Rex
RFD Recipe for Disaster
Rimmy Rimmington
RMH, RFH Rune helm, Rune full helm
RNG random number generator
Robin Robin Hood hat
RoL Ring of life
RoS Ring of suffering
RoW Ring of wealth
RS RuneScape
RS2 RuneScape 2
RS3 The current main branch of RuneScape, RuneScape 3.
RSC/RS1 RuneScape Classic
RSHD RuneScape HD
RSOF RuneScape Official Forums
Rush, Rusher PKing tactic, in which a player is attacked directly after finishing a fight by someone using a high-powered spec weapon (eg. Dragon claws, Armadyl godsword). See rushing.
RWT Real world trading

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S[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
SC Skill capes
Scb Super combat potion
SOTD Staff of the dead
SotE Song of the Elves
SSC Stronghold Slayer Cave
Safer Someone who heals at a life points value that is greater than the maximum hit of the opponent or in some cases eating to full Hitpoints. Typically used in the context of one-on-one PvP. Although, some use it in multi-way combat incorrectly.
Sand casino Duel Arena, particularly when used for staking wealth
Santa Santa hat
Sara Saradomin
Scimmy, Scim Scimitar
Seers Seers' Village
SGS Saradomin godsword
Shilo Shilo Village
Short Shortsword, Shortbow
Skirt Plateskirt
Skiller Someone who trains non-combat skills (can be any Combat level)/more commonly someone who trains non-combat skills primarily or exclusively. See Skill pure.
Snipe To target and gain a desirable item by outbidding or beating another player to it. See Sniping.
SOS, Stronghold Stronghold of Security
Spec Special attack, Spectral spirit shield
Spoonfed A player who consistently gets rare drops (such as pets) with relatively little time/effort expended.
Sq Square shield
Str Strength
SS Saradomin sword
Super sets (Sup att/atk, Sup def, Sup str) Super attack potion, Super defence potion, Super strength potion
Sword Swordfish, Sword, or Longsword

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T[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Tab A teleport tablet
Tag Attacking a monster first.
Tali Talisman
Tassets Bandos tassets
Tb, Tb'd Tele Block, reference to someone getting teleport blocked, mainly used during PKing. Also: Trouble Brewing
TB, TBL, TBZ Trailblazer League
TBow Twisted bow
Tent Abyssal tentacle or Kraken tentacle
Tears Tears of Guthix
TL Twisted League
ToB Theatre of Blood
Total Total level or total experience
Torso Fighter torso
TP, Tele Teleport
TT Treasure Trails

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U[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
(u) Unstrung, unenchanted, uncharged, etc.
(unf) Unfinished

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V[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Vambs Vambraces
Varr Varrock
Veng Vengeance or Vengeance Other
Ver, V (Armour) Verac the Defiled's equipment, i.e. V Brassy
Vis(sy), Visage Draconic Visage

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W[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
War Warhammer
WC(ing), WC Woodcutting, wrong chat
Wealth Ring of wealth
Welfare Using cheap gear with minimal to no risk, usually in a PVP scenario.
WGWD Wilderness God Wars Dungeon
Whip Abyssal whip
Wildy Wilderness
W# World #, where # is the world in question. e.g. "W60"

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X[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
X-bow, cbow Crossbow (weapon)
XP/H, XPH Experience per hour

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Y[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Yan Yanille

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Z[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
Zammy Zamorak
Z Book or Zammy Book Unholy book
Zerk, Zerker(s) Berserker
Zgs Zamorak godsword
Zily, Zilya, Sara Boss, Saradomin Boss Commander Zilyana
Z spear, Zammy Spear, ZS Zamorakian spear
Zuk TzKal-Zuk

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