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B[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
B, bil Billion, e.g. 1b = 1,000,000,000 coins.
B2B, BTB Bones to Bananas, Back to back
B2P, BTP Bones to Peaches
BA Barbarian Assault
Bank made An exclamation, usually sarcastic, about the value of a drop or other benefit. Particularly used of drops (such as dragon boots) which used to be extremely valuable and are now merely "nice".
Bankstanding AFKing or socialising with other players in a populated area such as a bank or the Grand Exchange.
Barb Barbarian, Barb-tail harpoon, Barbarian Village
Barrage Ice Barrage or any other Barrage spell in the Ancient Magicks spellbook.
Baxe Battleaxe
Barb Village, Barb Vil Barbarian Village
Bbones Big bones
Bcp Bandos chestplate
BF Blast Furnace
B gloves Barrows gloves from Recipe for Disaster
Bgs Bandos godsword
BiS Best-in-slot
BK Bot kill(ing) (Player killing bots in the Wilderness)
Blitz Ice Blitz or any other Blitz spell in the Ancient Magicks spellbook.
Bofa, Bowfa Bow of faerdhinen
Box Fighting rules at Duel Arena, when no equipment is used. Or purposely being attacked by a friend or monster whilst in single combat in order to avoid being killed by a PKer.
Bp Toxic blowpipe
Brace Bracelet
Brew(s) Typically Saradomin brews or, rarely, Zamorak brews. Can also refer to the act of drinking a brew.
Brid A player who fights with more than one point on the Combat Triangle. See hybridding.
Broads Broad-tipped bolts (Ranged ammunition)
BS, BSer Bow strings, bank sale, back stabber (usually used in Wildy)
BSS Blessed spirit shield
B sale, Bsale Bank sale (used when players have lots of stuff to sell)
Bsk, Bskr, Zerk(er), Berz Berserker
Btw By the way. Also used as a joke to refer to Ironmen, example: "I'm a btw, btw" meaning "I'm an ironman, btw."