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Abbreviation Meaning
Cammy, Cam Camelot
Cannon, Cann Dwarf multicannon
Cath, Cathy Catherby
Cb, Cb lvl, Cbt, Cmb, Cmbt, Combat Combat (level)
Cball Cannonball
Cbow Crystal bow, Crossbow, Craw's bow
CC Clan Chat
Chanced Receiving an attack from a boss or player when the attacker's max hit is above their target's current hitpoints, but the target does not die from the attack; leaving survival up to chance.
Chofl A haughty way of expressing contempt towards another player. Variant of "Rofl"
Chins, chinning Chinchompas, or the act of hunting/using chinchompas.
Choob A high-level player who acts like a noob.
Clue, Clueing Clue scroll, attempting to get a clue scroll or doing Treasure Trails.
CMS, Challenge Mode Raid Extra hard raids
Collat, Collatting The act of borrowing an item whilst giving items of equal value in return as collateral. Used by players who don't want to sell their items to buy different items.
Con, Cons Construction
Crash Stealing a person or group's kills at a multicombat boss (like God Wars Dungeon, or Dagannoth Kings). See crashing.
CW, CWA, cwars Castle Wars, Clan Wars, change worlds (CW)