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F[edit | edit source]



F2P, F2Pers, Ftp Non-members (Free-to-play)
Fally Falador
Farcaster Someone who casts a "hold" spell and doesn't go face-to-face with another player (often used with Ancient Magicks' freeze spells).
Fashionscape A term jokingly used to describe RuneScape as a dress up game or in reference to worn outfits.
FC, FCC Friends chat channel
FFA Free for all. Person who deals the most damage gets the drop.
Flip(ing) A term that refers to buying an item and then, within a short period of time, selling it for a profit.
FM Firemaking, Farming, Forum moderator
FMod Forum moderator
Fremmy, Frem Fremennik
Froob Free-to-play noob
Full Complete set that usually consists of a helm, shield, body piece and leg piece (such as full rune armour), or inventory being full (e.g. picking flax).
Funning Duelling for fun (possible rules and no stake).