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G[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
G (weapon/armour name) Granite (e.g. gmaul) or Guthan the Infested's equipment (e.g. g spear)
GB God book
GD Green dragon or Greater demon
GE Grand Exchange
GF Good fight (when used in PvP).
GG General Graardor. Good game.
GH Green Hill (Wilderness, popular player killing spot)
Gl Good luck
Glory Amulet of glory
Gmaul Granite maul
GP Gold pieces (i.e. coins), the primary currency used in Old School RuneScape.
Gold sink An activity that removes a significant amount of an item (that holds a monetary value) or currency from the game. For example, training Prayer through the usage of a gilded altar is considered a gold sink.
Grats, Gz Congratulations
Green cash stack A stack of 10 million or more coins (referring to the fact that the number on a stack of 10 million or more items is displayed in green)
GS Godsword
Guth, Gth Guthix or Guthan's
GWD, GW God Wars Dungeon