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Abbreviation Meaning
07, 2007 Old School RuneScape
"$11" The previous monthly rate for membership in USD; often jokingly used on social media in minor complaints about the game implying that one is not getting their money's worth. Frequently accompanied by crab emojis (🦀).
"$12.49" The current monthly rate for membership in USD. Refer to $11 for usage.
2h Two-handed sword
2+1 A method of boosting loot potential at Chambers of Xeric where 2 players will complete the raid and 1 alternate account will not participate in the fighting, but simply be in the room to boost the amount of reward points the other players can receive. This abbreviation can be used to describe any ratio of accounts used. Also known as "scaling" a raid.
Alternatively, may be used for describing the number of accounts in boosting other bosses.
2:1 A method used in high-level PvM combat where the player will deal damage to a boss 2 times while only allowing the boss to hit them 1 time in order to minimise the potential damage the boss can deal during a fight. This abbreviation can be used to describe any ratio of damage dealt by the player and the boss. These methods are usually performed by taking advantage of pathfinding mechanics to synchronize their attack speeds, such as walking under the boss for 1 or 2 game ticks so that the player is temporarily out of its attack range.
200m 200 million experience
200m all Obtaining 200 million experience in all skills
2147m 2,147,483,647 is the maximum number of items that can be in one item stack, whether they are bank notes or stackable items. In the context of coins, this is known as "max cash". This limit is set because RuneScape uses 32-bit signed integers to store values, which are unable to represent a higher number.
2S2G 2 sandstone, 2 granite; a Mining training method
2t, 3t, 4t, 5t X-tick training; a method of training gathering skills involving tick manipulation
3a Third Age
3t4g 3 tick, 4 granite; a method of training Mining by mining 4 granite rocks within 3 in-game ticks using tick manipulation.
3t4s 3 tick, 4 sandstone; another method of training Mining involving tick manipulation by mining 4 sandstone rocks within 3 ticks.
99 Maximum level for a skill; Skill mastery.