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R[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Meaning
R2H Rune 2h sword
Rags, Ragging, Raggers Term often used in PKing as someone with inferior or cheap gear.
Raids 1, Raids 2, Raids 3 Chambers of Xeric, Theatre of Blood and Tombs of Amascut, respectively
Rambo, Rambo spec, Rambo special Term often used in pking for a high-hitting special attack, or a combination of regular hits that surprises the opponent. A word derived from John Rambo, a muscular hard lined character from the movie, First Blood.
Range tank Player who focuses mainly on Ranged and Defence.
Rangers, Rngrs Ranger boots
RC(ing) Runecraft
RCB Rune crossbow
RC Pker Runecrafter player killer. Someone who kills runecrafters on their way to the Abyss runecraft area.
RD Rune dragons
RDT Rare drop table
Recoil Ring of recoil
Red barred Term used to describe a monster/person with so little Hitpoints that its health bar is almost completely red. For much of RuneScape 2, monsters with large amounts of hit points could display a solid red health bar when they only had a few health points. This was what lead to the phrase being coined.
Req(s) Requirement(s)
Rev(s) Revenants
Rex Dagannoth Rex
RFD Recipe for Disaster
RFH Rune full helm
Rig, Rigo Rigour
Rimmy Rimmington
RL RuneLite
RMH Rune med helm
RNG random number generator
Robin Robin Hood hat
RoL Ring of life
RoS Ring of suffering
RotG Ring of the gods
RoW Ring of wealth
RS RuneScape
RS2 RuneScape 2
RS3 The current main branch of RuneScape, RuneScape 3.
RSC, RS1 RuneScape Classic
RSHD RuneScape HD
RSOF RuneScape Official Forums
Rush, Rusher PKing tactic, in which a player is attacked directly after finishing a fight by someone using a high-powered spec weapon (eg. Dragon claws, Armadyl godsword). See rushing.
RWH Rune warhammer
RWT Real world trading