Slave robes

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A player wearing slave robes.

Slave robes are a set of robes (slave shirt, slave robe, and slave boots), obtained during The Tourist Trap quest. They are needed in the quest and are first obtained by trading a full set of desert robes (top, bottom and boots) to the male slave on the east side of the Desert Mining Camp and are required to enter the Slave mine, which the player must enter to complete portions of the quest. They can be reobtained after the quest by killing rowdy slaves in the Desert Mining Camp or by trading another set of desert robes to the same slave. Remember, wearing armour or weapons will make the low-level guards in the camp aggressive, so make sure to take off your gear if this is a problem.

Slaves robes do not provide any protection against Desert heat.

Components[edit | edit source]

Item Examine
Slave shirt.png Slave shirt A filthy, smelly, flea infested shirt.
Slave robe.png Slave robe A filthy, smelly, flea infested robe.
Slave boots.png Slave boots A set of filthy, smelly, flea infested desert slave boots.