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The slayer's enchantment is a parchment that is used on a slayer's staff to enchant it into a slayer's staff (e) with 2,500 charges. Once the charges run out, it reverts to a basic slayer's staff.

The enchanted slayer's staff requires 75 Magic and 55 Slayer to wield, which is a significant difference from the basic slayer's staff requirement of level 50 Magic and level 55 Slayer.

It is dropped by monsters in the Wilderness while on a Slayer task given by Krystilia.

Drop rate formula[edit | edit source]

A player applies the Slayer's enchantment.

The drop rate of an enchantment from a Wilderness Slayer assignment depends on the amount of hitpoints a monster has. The exact formula for regular monsters is . Bosses have a drop rate of 1/30.[1][2]

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Ankou75–98 Multicombat.png11/240
Aviansie69–148 Multicombat.png11/2641/221
Bandit22; 130 Multicombat.png11/196
Bandit (m)22; 130 Multicombat.png11/299
Bandit22; 130 Multicombat.png11/196
Black Heather (m)34 Multicombat.png11/291
Black Knight Level 33 Multicombat.png11/287
Black bear (m)19 Multicombat.png11/300
Black demon172–292 Multicombat.png11/160
Black demon172–292 Multicombat.png11/195
Black dragon227; 247 Multicombat.png11/168
Bloodveld Level 76 Multicombat.png11/224
Callisto470 Multicombat.png11/30
Chaos Elemental305 Multicombat.png11/30
Chaos Fanatic202 Multicombat.png11/30
Chaos druid13 Multicombat.png11/304
Crazy archaeologist204 Multicombat.png11/30
Dark warrior (m)8; 145 Multicombat.png11/307
Dark warrior Level 145145 Multicombat.png11/211
Deadly red spider (m)34 Multicombat.png11/292
Donny the lad (m)34 Multicombat.png11/291
Earth warrior51 Multicombat.png11/277
Elder Chaos druid129 Multicombat.png11/200
Ent86; 101 Multicombat.png11/236
Fire giant86; 104; 109 Multicombat.png11/232
Giant spider (m)2; 27; 50 Multicombat.png11/316; 1/295
Greater Skeleton Hellhound281 Multicombat.png11/168
Greater demon Level 92 (m)92 Multicombat.png11/249
Greater demon Level 104104 Multicombat.png11/224
Green dragon Level 7979 Multicombat.png11/260
Green dragon Level 8888 Multicombat.png11/240
Grizzly bear (m)21; 42 Multicombat.png11/299
Guard Bandit (m)22 Multicombat.png11/299
Hellhound Level 127127 Multicombat.png11/228; 1/200
Hellhound Level 136136 Multicombat.png11/200
Hill Giant Level 28 Multicombat.png11/292
Ice giant53; 67 Multicombat.png11/240
Ice giant (m)53; 67 Multicombat.png11/264
Ice spider61 Multicombat.png11/268
Ice warrior (m)57 Multicombat.png11/273
King Scorpion (m)32 Multicombat.png11/296
Lava dragon252 Multicombat.png11/136
Lesser demon Level 82 (m)82; 87; 94 Multicombat.png11/256
Lesser demon Level 94 (m)82; 87; 94 Multicombat.png11/256
Lesser demon Level 87 (m)82; 87; 94 Multicombat.png11/256
Lesser demon Level 94 (Wilderness Slayer Cave)94 Multicombat.png11/232
Magic axe42 Multicombat.png11/284
Mammoth80 Multicombat.png11/216
Moss giant Level 4242 Multicombat.png11/272
Pirate Level 23 Multicombat.png11/304
Poison spider31; 64 Multicombat.png11/269
Porazdir235 Multicombat.png11/64
Revenant cyclops82 Multicombat.png11/232
Revenant dark beast120 Multicombat.png11/208
Revenant demon98 Multicombat.png11/256
Revenant dragon135 Multicombat.png11/196
Revenant goblin15 Multicombat.png11/309
Revenant hellhound90 Multicombat.png11/256
Revenant hobgoblin60 Multicombat.png11/263
Revenant imp7 Multicombat.png11/312
Revenant knight126 Multicombat.png11/206
Revenant ork105 Multicombat.png11/236
Revenant pyrefiend52 Multicombat.png11/282
Rogue Level 1515 Multicombat.png11/307
Rogue Level 135135 Multicombat.png11/220
Scorpia225 Multicombat.png11/30
Scorpia's guardian47 Multicombat.png11/264
Scorpia's offspring (monster)15 Multicombat.png11/319
Scorpion (m)14; 37; 38; 59 Multicombat.png11/307
Shadow spider52 Multicombat.png11/276
Skeleton Hellhound (Vet'ion)214 Multicombat.png11/232
Skeleton21–85 Multicombat.png11/3011/273
Skeleton21–85 Multicombat.png11/3011/273
Skeleton21–85 Multicombat.png11/3011/273
Speedy Keith (m)34 Multicombat.png11/291
Spider (m)1; 24 Multicombat.png11/319
Spiritual mage120; 121; 123 Multicombat.png11/2601/236
Spiritual ranger115; 118; 122; 127 Multicombat.png11/2491/216
Spiritual warrior115; 123; 125; 134 Multicombat.png11/2421/216
Venenatis464 Multicombat.png11/30
Vet'ion454 Multicombat.png11/30
Zombie13–76 Multicombat.png11/301
Zombie13–76 Multicombat.png11/3011/296

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 14 March 2018. (Archived from the original on 5 June 2019.) Mod Ash: "For nastier bosses (e.g. Callisto) it's 1/30. For other things it scales between 1/320 and 1/80 as the NPC's HP scales from 0 to 300."
  2. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 5 June 2019. (Archived from the original on 5 June 2019.) Mod Ash: "The 88.8 would definitely be floored to 88."