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Wilderness Slayer Tower Mausoleum
River Salve

The Slayer Tower, also known as ‘’’Viggora’s Folly’’’, is a tall granite tower that was built by Viggora, a follower of Zaros, during the Second Age.

The tower is located north-west of Canifis. There are three levels, each with increasingly dangerous Slayer monsters. All monsters within the building require a certain Slayer level to kill, the lowest being Crawling Hands at level 5, and the highest being Abyssal demons at level 85 Slayer.

Players may also earn bonus Slayer experience depending on their progress on the Morytania Diary. The amount of bonus experience gained starts at 2.5% with the easy task completed, increasing by 2.5% for each set complete, up to 10% with the elite tasks completed.

Note: Dwarf Multicannon cannot be used here. If attempted, you receive the message, "Dark forces are preventing the dwarven construction from working."

Travel[edit | edit source]

Layout[edit | edit source]

Basement[edit | edit source]

The basement can be accessed through a ladder on the ground floor, near the entrance. Monsters here can only be killed on a Slayer task. Raulyn will stop players who attempt to attack monsters that are not on their slayer task.

The basement is dimly lit, although a light source is not required to enter.

Monster Image Combat level Slayer level Slayer XP Quantity
Bloodveld Bloodveld.png 76 50 120 12
Gargoyle Gargoyle.png 111 75 105 12
Nechryael Nechryael.png 115 80 105 12
Abyssal demon Abyssal demon.png 124 85 150 14

Ground floor[edit | edit source]

The ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] is inhabited by only Crawling Hands in the west wing and part of the east wing. Banshees are found in the east part of the wing.

Near a group of crawling hands is a spiked chain requiring 61 Agility (can be boosted) to use. Using this spike will take the player to the middle floor, where the Aberrant spectres are located. DO NOT climb up if you do not have a nosepeg or Slayer helmet, or your stats will be drained by the spectres.

Monster Image Combat level Slayer level Slayer XP Quantity
Crawling Hand Crawling Hand.png 8, 12 5 16, 19
Banshee Banshee.png 23 15 22

First floor[edit | edit source]

The 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] is inhabited by infernal mages in the north-eastern part of the wing, bloodvelds in the north-western part of the wing, and aberrant spectres in the south part of the wing. A large door separates the bloodveld and aberrant spectre room.

Another spiked chain can be found in the infernal mage room. This chain requires 71 Agility (can be boosted) to take players to the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US], where the nechryael are located. The spiked chain in the aberrant spectre room can be used to climb back down to the ground floor, requiring 61 Agility (can be boosted).

Monster Image Combat level Slayer level Slayer XP Quantity
Infernal Mage Infernal Mage.png 66 45 60
Bloodveld Bloodveld.png 76 50 120
Aberrant spectre Aberrant spectre.png 96 60 90

Second floor[edit | edit source]

The 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] is where the strongest monsters in the tower reside. Gargoyles inhabit the south-eastern wing, nechryael in the north-eastern and abyssal demons in the north-western wings.

Near the staircases of this floor lies a rooftop entrance and a magical chest. The rooftop entrance portal is initially disabled, and activates permanently when a brittle key is used on it. This unlocks the Grotesque Guardians boss fight. The magical chest nearby collects items lost on death during the fight, requiring 50,000 coins to reclaim them.

A spiked chain can be found at the nechryael room which takes players down to the middle floor, where the infernal mages reside. This requires 61 Agility (can be boosted).

Monster Image Combat level Slayer level Slayer XP Quantity
Gargoyle Gargoyle.png 111 75 105
Nechryael Nechryael.png 115 80 105
Abyssal demon Abyssal demon.png 124 85 150

Music[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Slayer Tower is currently the only slayer area in Old School RuneScape that has superior variants for all of its inhabitants.
  • Prior to the Client of Kourend update, players could only earn bonus experience if they have completed all the tasks of the Morytania Diary, but after the update was then scaled depending on the difficulty of the diary.
  • Occasionally searching a chest in the Slayer Tower Basement will result in the message, "For a moment you think you've found Zamorak's teddy bear, but the chest is empty." This is a reference to the list Pontak gives you during the The Fremennik Trials.