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Slayer equipment refers to various tools and weapons used when fighting Slayer monsters. When slaying monsters, it is often required to use a specific piece of equipment to protect oneself from negative effects or to finish off a monster at low health. All Slayer masters run a Slayer Equipment shop, selling the same items at the same price.

Slayer equipment
Slayer Level Item Cost from Slayer Equipment shop /
Other methods of obtaining
1 Enchanted gem inventory image Enchanted gem 1 coin
1 Expeditious bracelet inventory image Expeditious bracelet Cast Lvl-1 Enchant on an opal bracelet
  • Provides a 25% chance for a monster killed to count as two kills toward the player's slayer assignment
  • Has 30 charges
  • Has no stats
1 Bracelet of slaughter inventory image Bracelet of slaughter Cast Lvl-3 Enchant on a topaz bracelet
  • Provides a 25% chance for a slayer assignment kill to not count as a kill towards it, but still giving slayer experience
  • Has 30 charges
  • Has no stats
1 Black mask inventory image Black mask Dropped by cave horrors
1 Black mask (i) inventory image Black mask (i) Imbued version of the Black mask, made with one of the following:
  • Provides an additional +15% Ranged accuracy and strength and +15% Magic accuracy and damage boost against the players Slayer assignment
  • Requires 10 Defence, 20 Strength, and 40 Combat to wear
1 Slayer helmet Slayer helmet (i) Slayer helmet (imbued) Free, after purchasing the ability to make it for 400 Slayer reward points
1 Spiny helmet inventory image Spiny helmet 650 coins
1 Reinforced goggles inventory image Reinforced goggles
  • Protecting against Sourhogs' attacks
  • Has no stats
1 Granite boots inventory image Granite boots Dropped by wyverns in the Wyvern Cave
1 Shayzien armour inventory image Shayzien armour Dropped by soldiers at the Combat Ring in the Shayzien Encampment
10[1] Facemask inventory image Facemask 200 coins
15 Earmuffs inventory image Earmuffs 200 coins
  • Protecting against Banshees
  • Has no stats
20[2] Bag of salt inventory image Bag of salt 10 coins each Finishing off Rock slugs (one per slug)
22[2] Ice cooler inventory image Ice cooler 1 coin each Finishing off Desert lizards (one per lizard)
25 Mirror shield inventory image Mirror shield 5000 coins
32[2] Fishing explosive inventory image Fishing explosive 60 coins
33 Lit bug lantern Unlit bug lantern 130 coins
35[1] Witchwood icon inventory image Witchwood icon 900 coins Protecting against Cave horrors
37 Insulated boots inventory image Insulated boots 200 coins
39 Slayer bell inventory image Slayer bell 150 coins Luring Molanisks
42 Slayer gloves inventory image Slayer gloves 200 coins Protecting against Fever spiders
44 Boots of stone inventory image Boots of stone 200 coins Protecting from the extreme heat of the floor of the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon
44 Boots of brimstone inventory image Boots of brimstone Using a drake's claw on a pair of boots of stone
55 Leaf-bladed spear inventory image Leaf-bladed spear 31,000 coins
55 Leaf-bladed sword inventory image Leaf-bladed sword Dropped by Turoths and Kurasks
55 Leaf-bladed battleaxe inventory image Leaf-bladed battleaxe Dropped by Kurasks
  • Killing Turoths and Kurasks
  • 17.5% damage buff compared to leaf-bladed spear or sword
  • Requires 65 Attack to wield
55 Slayer's staff inventory image Slayer's staff 21,000 coins
  • Allowing the use of the Slayer Dart spell to kill Turoths and Kurasks
  • Requires 50 Magic to wield
55 Slayer's staff (e) inventory image Slayer's staff (e) Using a Slayer's enchantment on a Slayer's staff
  • Has increased power when casting Slayer Dart compared to the regular Slayer's staff
  • Has 2,500 charges
  • Requires 75 Magic to wield
55 Broad arrows inventory image Broad arrows
  • 60 coins each
  • 250 arrows for 35 Slayer reward points
Killing Turoths and Kurasks
55 Broad bolts inventory image Broad bolts 250 bolts for 35 Slayer reward points Killing Turoths and Kurasks
55 Broad arrowheads inventory image Broad arrowheads 55 coins Fletching broad arrows, after purchasing the ability to do so, with 52 Fletching
55 Unfinished broad bolts inventory image Unfinished broad bolts 55 coins Fletching broad-tipped bolts, after purchasing the ability to do so, with 55 Fletching
55 Broad arrowhead pack inventory image Broad arrowhead pack 5500 coins A pack containing 100 broad arrowheads
55 Unfinished broad bolt pack inventory image Unfinished broad bolt pack 5500 coins A pack containing 100 unfinished broad bolts
57 Fungicide spray inventory image Fungicide spray 300 coins Finishing off Mutated Zygomites (10 per refill)
57[2] Fungicide inventory image Fungicide 10 coins each Refilling Fungicide spray
60[1] Nose peg inventory image Nose peg 200 coins Protecting against Aberrant spectres
75[2] Rock hammer inventory image Rock hammer 500 coins Finishing off Gargoyles (this item is not equippable)
75[2] Rock thrownhammer inventory image Rock thrownhammer 200 coins Finishing off Gargoyles (one per gargoyle - this item is not equippable)
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 Although the Facemask requires level 10 Slayer to equip, the player cannot hurt Dust devils until level 65 Slayer. Similarly, the Witchwood icon can be equipped at level 35 Slayer, but players cannot harm Cave horrors until level 58 Slayer. What's more odd is that the Nose peg can't be worn until 60 Slayer, but the Slayer helmet, which contains a Nose peg, can be worn at any level, as long as the person has sufficient Slayer reward points to buy the ability.
  2. ^ 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Cannot be equipped and thus do not have a Slayer level requirement to use, but are only useful at these levels, as that is the level their respective monsters require.