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Combat levelNone
Task Amounts
Turael chathead.png Turael15-50
Advanced data
Icon IDNo

Birds can be assigned as a slayer task from Turael. They have no requirements to be assigned and are generally meant as tasks for beginners. There are a wide variety of birds, but the most commonly killed are chickens, seagulls and ducks, which are low-level, rarely deal damage and easy to access. Chickens drop bones, raw chicken and feathers, most other birds only drop bones or nothing at all, meaning there is little reason to slay higher-level birds.

Monster Variants[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat level Slayer XP Locations Notes
Duck 1 3
  • Common bird usually found near or in bodies of water. Ranged and Magic recommended to attack.
Chicken 1 3
  • Most common bird variety.
Undead chicken 1 3
  • Undead version of a chicken. Requires access to Morytania.
Rooster 2 5
Seagull 2 5
  • A common bird found by the sea and ports.
Penguin 2 4
Entrana firebird 2 5
  • Only found on Entrana, where limited weaponry is available, only one spawn and no noteworthy drops.
Bird 5, 11 5, 10
Chompy bird 6 10
Terrorbird 28 34
Vulture 31 10
  • Cannot be harmed by melee while flying. Requires some protection from the desert heat.
Oomlie bird 46 40
Mounted terrorbird 31, 49 36, 55
  • Limited number.
Baby Roc 75 50

Location Comparison[edit | edit source]

Location Maplink Amount Multicombat Cannonable Safespotable Notes
Farmer Fred's chicken pen 28 No Yes Yes