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Combat levelCombat level 40
Task Amounts
Krystilia chathead.png Krystilia75-125
Advanced data
Icon ID? (edit)

Bandit can be assigned as a slayer task It does not have a required combat level to be assigned by Krystilia. Bandits are most commonly found in Bandit Camp (Wilderness).

Along with Bandits and Guard Bandit, Speedy Keith, Donny the lad, and Black Heather can be killed to satisfy the task.

The bandits are guarded by Guard Bandit. These bandits are aggressive, so players should take caution when approaching the camp. However, camp leaders (like Donny the lad) are not aggressive.

Krystilia has no requirements, but players should be sufficient enough to survive in the Wilderness. They should also possess decent stats since she can assign monsters ranging from Combat level 8 to 470.

Monster Variants[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat




Locations Notes
Bandit 22, 130 29, 159 Players who receive Bandits as a Slayer task may trap 5 of the level 130 Bandits in the Pizza shop house and the General Store house.
Guard Bandit 22 29 When entering The Bandit Camp (Wilderness) The Guard Bandit may attack you, be careful they are very aggressive.
Speedy Keith 34 37 Is one of the three leaders of the Bandit Camp (Wilderness). Like the other two leaders, Black Heather and Donny the lad, he is not aggressive.
Donny the lad 34 37 Players cannot talk to Donny.
Black Heather 34 37 If players attempt to talk to her, they will receive a message stating, "Black Heather is not interested in talking."

Location Comparison[edit | edit source]

Location Maplink Amount Multicombat Cannonable Safespottable Notes
Bandit Camp (Wilderness) 16 Yes Yes No This location is well populated.
Wilderness Slayer Cave 1 Yes Yes No Not recommended.