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Bloodvelds are a type of demon that use their long tongues to attack their victims. Being a slayer monster, bloodvelds require a Slayer level of 50 to be damaged by players. As a demon, it is affected by demonbane weapons. Bloodvelds are one of few monsters that attack with magic-based melee, meaning that despite it using melee attacks against the player, it is the player's magic defence (rather than their melee defence) that is used to determine the accuracy of the bloodveld's attack. As such, it is recommended for players killing bloodvelds to equip armour with decent magic defence, such as dragonhide, as they are relatively accurate in combat. Players using prayer should still pray melee instead of magic to nullify damage.

They can be safespotted on the northeastern corner of the centre room of the Slayer Tower behind the chair, or they can also be safespotted next to the armour stands and wardrobes around the walls of the central room. In the task-only basement floor, they can be safespotted in the north-west corner of the area by standing in between the chest, chair, broken table and shelves. Bringing nature runes for alchemy spells is a good idea, as they frequently drop fire runes and items with a decent high alchemy value.

They can also be safespotted in the Stronghold Slayer Cave while using a Dwarf multicannon in the north-east section of the bloodveld area, but this area is usually busy. Another safespot in the Stronghold Slayer Cave is in the east room, north of some rocks and east of a pillar.

In the God Wars Dungeon, they can be safespotted behind the piles of bricks directly north-east of the exit rope. Both a Saradomin item and Zamorak item are required to use this safespot. Another safespot will be even further north-east, behind the rock formations on the coast (only requires a Zamorak item once in the safespot).

As an alternative, players can also choose to slay Mutated Bloodvelds for their task. Mutated bloodvelds are the stronger variants of bloodvelds, and are a greater challenge but provide more valuable drops and more slayer experience. For players with more patience, mutated bloodvelds are a strong alternative to the normal variant. A really good spot for this is in Meiyerditch Laboratories using your attack style of choice and a Dwarf multicannon, due to the Laboratories being a Multicombat area. Bring lots of prayer or super restore potions, your best gear/combat bonuses etc, and use Protect from Melee ( which requires lvl 43 Prayer icon.png) If you use the prayer, food is unnecessary as you will never take damage.

Players seeking an effective way to gain prayer experience can also choose to slay Reanimated Bloodvelds for their task. Access to the Arceuus spellbook and a supply of ensouled bloodveld heads is needed. This alternative method is more time-consuming and results in much less slayer experience for each monster killed.

Monster Variants[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat level Slayer XP Locations Notes
Bloodveld 76 120
  • For each tier of the Morytania Diary completed, players receive an additional slayer 2.5% experience for bloodvelds slain at the Slayer Tower. Each tier completed results in an additional 3 slayer experience per kill.
Bloodveld 81 134
  • The slightly-stronger God Wars bloodveld variant are followers of Zamorak, and will be aggressive to the player unless the player has a Zamorak item equipped.
Mutated Bloodveld 123 170
  • Mutated bloodvelds in the Catacombs of Kourend can drop ancient shard and dark totem pieces, and can be killed in multicombat.
  • In the Iowerth Dungeon mutated bloodvelds can drop crystal shards, and this location can only be accessed after completion of Song of the Elves.
  • The Meiyerditch Laboratories location is the only place where a dwarf multicannon can be used to kill mutated bloodvelds, and the area is only accessible with partial completion of Sins of the Father (after giving Saafalan the book).
Reanimated Bloodveld N/A 35
  • Using the Reanimate Bloodveld spell on an ensouled bloodveld head, players can reanimate a bloodveld for greatly reduced slayer experience. However, the player also receives 1040 prayer experience for each kill.
  • If the spell is not cast within a reasonable amount of time of picking up the head, or if the player trades the head or teleports away, then the user will need to reanimate the heads at the Dark Altar in Kourend.

Location Comparison[edit | edit source]

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Location Maplink Amount Multicombat Cannonable Safespottable Notes
Catacombs of Kourend 7 Mutated Bloodveld Yes No Yes
  • The tunnel to the southwest is a safespot for the player to use.
Iowerth Dungeon 12 Mutated Bloodveld No Yes Yes
  • The mutated bloodveld section of the cave is split into two sections, both of which contain 6 bloodvelds and a safespot.
  • This section is very close to the entrance of the cave, meaning it is easy to leave and come back.
God Wars Dungeon 14 Bloodveld Yes No Yes
  • Both a Saradomin item and Zamorak item are required to use this safespot.
  • Rope (to access the dungeon itself for the first time) - Two more ropes will be needed if venturing into Saradomin's Encampment on the first visit.
Meiyerditch Laboratories 4 Bloodveld

12 Mutated Bloodveld

Yes Yes Yes
  • Since this area is multi-combat it is the best place to use a dwarf multicannon providing the highest slayer xp per hour for this task.
  • The drops will cover the use of the dwarf multicannon.
  • This location is somewhat hard to reach.
Slayer Tower (1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]) 15 Bloodveld No No Yes
Slayer Tower (basement) 12 Bloodveld No No Yes
  • The Slayer ring can be used to teleport to the main entrance of the tower.
  • Fairy ring code CKS lands you in the west of Canifis, just south of the tower.
  • Since this area is only accessible to those on a slayer task, it may be less busy.
Stronghold Slayer Cave 12 Bloodveld No Yes Yes
Wilderness God Wars Dungeon 5 Bloodveld Yes No Yes
  • Using the agility shortcut from Trollheim puts you much closer than running directly from Edgeville, but requires 64 Agility.
  • All monsters in the dungeon are aggressive to any player unless they have equipped at least one item that is devoted to their god.
Safespot found in the basement of Slayer Tower.