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Combat levelCombat level 13
Task Amounts
Turael chathead.png Turael15-50
Mazchna chathead.png Mazchna40-70
Advanced data
Icon IDNo

Ghosts can be assigned as a Slayer task at level 13 combat by Turael, Spria, and Mazchna. Ghosts spawn in various locations throughout Gielinor.

Only regular ghosts, forgotten souls, tortured souls, death wings and Revenants can be killed to satisfy the task. Spectres, ghasts, and shades will not count towards the task.

Most areas that contain ghosts contain those of combat levels 19, 24, and 29. Ghosts with a combat level of 76 and 77 can only be found in the Sepulchre of Death, the bottom floor of the Stronghold of Security.

Monster Variants[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat Level Slayer XP Locations Notes
Ghost 19, 24, 29, 76, 77 25, 20, None, 75, 80 Ghosts in the Abandoned Mine should not be killed, as they grant no Slayer experience.
Revenants 7, 15, 52, 60, 82, 90, 98, 105, 120, 126, 135, 397 10, 14, 48, 73, 119, 86, 86, 115, 157, 168, 186, 920 Only found in the Wilderness. Has a good drop table across all levels.
Forgotten Soul 20 50 Low-level ghost that has a decent drop table.
Tortured soul 59 51 Tortured souls are a good choice for mid levels with access to Morytania.
Death wing 83 80 Death wings grant the largest amount of Slayer experience; however, they are less accessible than level 77 ghosts due to its quest requirement.

Location Comparison[edit | edit source]

Location Maplink Amount Multicombat Cannonable Safespottable Notes
Catacombs of Kourend 17 Yes No Yes The ghosts are split into two chambers, with about equal amounts of ghosts.
Crumbling Tower 10 No Yes No Good drop table compared to most ghosts, especially for its combat level.
Death Altar 17 No No No Completion of Mourning's End Part II required.
Draynor Manor 5 No Yes Yes Three ghosts are in one room, while the other two are in different rooms.
Melzar's Maze 5 No Yes No Partial completion of Dragon Slayer I required.
Grave of Scorpius 6 No Yes Yes
Mynydd 5 No Yes No Be wary of high level Dire Wolves roaming the area.
North-east of dense essence mine 5 No Yes No The ghosts are spread out on the path leading to the Soul Altar.
North-east of Chaos Temple (Wilderness) 6 Yes Yes Yes Four ghosts inhabit the area of Larran's small chest.
North-west of Ferox Enclave 5 No Yes No This location is in the Wilderness; don't take anything you don't want to lose.
Outside Ectofuntus 6 No Yes Yes Completion of Priest in Peril required.
Stronghold of Security: Sepulchre of Death 31 No Yes No This area contains many high level ghosts and Ankou.
Taverley Dungeon 14 No Yes No
Temple in The Golem 5 No Yes No The ghosts here are spaced quite far apart.
The Forgotten Cemetery 6 No Yes Yes This area is in the Wilderness, and is also littered with Ankou.
Revenant Caves 30 No No Yes This area is in the Wilderness.
Varrock Sewers 3 Yes Yes No
Viyeldi caves 8 Yes Yes Yes Partial completion of Legends' Quest required.
West Ardougne 2 No Yes Yes Partial completion of Plague City required.
West of Port Phasmatys 2 No Yes Yes Completion of Priest in Peril required.