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Mithril dragons
Combat levelCombat level 70
Other"I hope you mith me" unlocked.
Partial completion of Barbarian Training.
Task Amounts
Konar quo Maten chathead.png Konar3-6 (25-35)
Nieve chathead.png Nieve4-8 (25-35)
Duradel chathead.png Duradel5-10 (25-35)
Advanced data
Icon IDNo

Mithril dragons can be found and fought in the Ancient Cavern.

The ability to be assigned mithril dragons can be purchased for 80 Slayer reward points. Once unlocked, they can be disabled, but players must spend another 80 points to unlock them again. Players also must have entered the Ancient Cavern at least once to get mithril dragons as a Slayer task.

At level 304, Mithril dragons are the third strongest tier of metal dragons. They attack from all sides of the Combat triangle in addition to utilising extra long-ranged dragonfire. Players seeking to kill these powerful dragons will need to tank at least one combat style, especially when fighting within Melee distance.

To access the Ancient Cavern, the player needs to start the pyre ship section of Firemaking in Barbarian Training. Be wary as these monsters are extremely powerful.

Slayer Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Unlock Points cost Notes
Mithril dragon icon.png I hope you mith me 80 Konar, Duradel and Nieve will be able to assign you Mithril dragons as your task.
Mithril dragon icon.png I really mith you 120 Number of mithril dragons assigned is increased to 25-35.
Duly noted.png Duly noted 200 Mithril dragons drop mithril bars in banknote form while killed on assignment.

Monster Variants[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat level Slayer XP Locations Notes
Mithril dragon 304 273
  • Mithril dragons are some of the highest-level dragons of any type and are extremely dangerous.

Location Comparison[edit | edit source]

Location Maplink Amount Multicombat Cannonable Safespottable Notes
Ancient Cavern (upper level) 7 No No No