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Moss giants are monsters assigned by Krystilia and Vannaka and provide a 115 slayer experience, they have a drop table for some valuable seeds. Bryophyta can be killed instead.

Moss giants can be assigned as a slayer task from the Slayer masters: Krystilia at any level and at level 40 combat from Vannaka. Moss giants can be found in many places around Gielinor. All levels of moss giants have +0 defensive stats, which means that they are equally weak to all attack styles.

The Moss giants located in the Catacombs of Kourend have a 1/440 drop rate for the Dark totem base, Dark totem middle, and Dark totem top.

When on a slayer task from Kyrstilia, the Moss giants located in the Wilderness have a chance to drop a Slayer's enchantment (1/272), and a Larran's key (1/533).

Monster Variants[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat level Slayer XP Locations Notes
Moss giant 42 60
Moss giant 48 85
Moss giant 84 120 Requires completion of Song of the Elves.
Bryophyta 128 115 Requires a Mossy key for each kill attempt, an uncommon drop from Moss giants.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Combat Level Slayer XP Spawns Multicombat Safespottable Cannonable Notes Map
Brimhaven Dungeon 42 60 20 No Yes Yes Various safespots
Catacombs of Kourend 42 60 13 Yes Yes No Stand next to the eastern wall of the northern exit of the room to safespot
Crandor 42 60 3 No Yes Yes Various safespots
Iorwerth Dungeon 84 120 6 No Yes Yes Stand on the eastern tile of the southern entrance to the Moss giant room to safespot.
Giants' Den 42 60 10 No Yes Yes
Kourend Woodland 42 60 4 No Yes Yes Various safespots
Moss Giant Island, west of Brimhaven 48 85 5 No Yes Yes Various safespots available. 10 Agility required to access.
Pirate's Cove 48 85 10 Yes Yes Yes Various safespots
Varrock Sewers 42 60 10 Yes Yes Yes Requires a slash weapon to cut webs if entering via varrock sewers. Not needed if using the agility shortcut (level 51) from Edgeville.
West of Fishing Guild 42 60 4 No Yes Yes Various safespots
Wilderness (by the pond reachable using a canoe) 42 60 6 No No Yes N/A