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Scabarites refer to any of the "Minions of Scabaras". They are fairly strong monsters that can hit rather hard. To receive them as a slayer assignment, players must have done most of the Contact! quest.

When given "Minions of Scabaras" as a Slayer task, only Scarab swarm, Locust Rider, and Scarab mage will count, along with the Giant Scarab in Nightmare Zone

Slayer strategy[edit | edit source]

Sustainable Setup[edit | edit source]

A map of the Sophanem Dungeon. Note the location of the Scarab Mages and Locust Riders.

A good and sustainable setup is to use full Guthan's equipment to kill locust riders in the Sophanem Dungeon. Use Protect from Missiles in the downtime between healing with Guthan's or food. They use ranged attacks that can hit over 20 on lower- and mid-leveled players. With this setup, you fight one Locust Rider at a time; they re-spawn rapidly. Locust riders frequently drop coins 2,000gp and noted items. They will occasionally drop un-noted bass for longer sustainability.

While slower to kill, these Scabarites are located close to the dungeon entrance - just to the east - making it easy to bank up the ladder and restore Prayer points in Sophanem. This also makes it easy to stay in one spot and avoid other aggressive enemies and traps. Another alternative is to use Protect from Magic and fight Scarab Mages, also near the dungeon entrance.

Be mindful of the floor trap at the entrance of this level. Make sure to bring a lantern or another light source. Bring a tinderbox in-case your light source is extinguished.

Monster Variants[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat level Slayer XP Locations Notes
Scarab Mage 93 51.2 Sophanem Dungeon
Locust rider 98 92.5 Sophanem Dungeon
Scarab swarm 98 1 Sophanem Dungeon Not recommended
Giant scarab 191 (normal), 316 (hard) 137 (normal), 280.5 (hard) Nightmare Zone

Location Comparison[edit | edit source]

Location Maplink Amount Multicombat Cannonable Safespottable Notes
Sophanem Dungeon cavern 27 Locust riders, 10 [[Scarab mage]s, Yes Yes No
Sophanem Dungeon maze 2 Locust riders, 18 Scarab mages, Yes No No