Slayer task/Spiders

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Combat levelNone
Task amounts
Turael chathead.png Turael15-50
Spria chathead.png Spria15-50
Krystilia chathead.png Krystilia65-100
Advanced data
Icon IDNo

Monster Variants[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat level Slayer XP Locations Notes
Spider 1 2 Common spider found throughout Runescape
Spider (Ape Atoll) 1 2 An aggressive, poisonous spider
Spider (Ungael) 35 4 A spider that can inflict venom
Blessed spider 39 32 A type of spider found in the Underground Pass
Crypt spider 56 45 A small but strong spider found in the Barrows
Deadly red spider 34 35 A red-coloured spider that inhabits the Varrock Sewers and other remote places
Fever spider 49 40 A Slayer creature requiring 42 Slayer to kill
Giant crypt spider 79 80 A larger and stronger version of the Crypt Spider
Giant spider 2






A common type of spider found in Lumbridge
Ice spider 61 65 A strong type of spider found in cold areas
Jungle spider 44 50 A type of spider found on Karamja and east of Yanille
Poison spider 64 64 A poisonous type of spider
Poison spider 48 A poisonous type of spider. Unlike other spiders, they attack using ranged
Shadow spider 52 55 A spider that drains Prayer
Sarachnis 318 430 A large spider boss found in the Forthos Dungeon.
Spawn of Sarachnis 58, 107 30 Spawned by Sarachnis during the fight Forthos Dungeon.
Spindel 302 541 A weaker variant of Venenatis fought in the Web Chasm
Temple Spider 75 70 A high-level spider found in the Forthos Dungeon
Venenatis 464 956.2 A large, poisonous spider boss found in the Wilderness

Location Comparison[edit | edit source]

Location Maplink Amount Multicombat Cannonable Safespottable Notes
Arceuus, outside the Tower of Magic 8 Yes Yes No
Forthos Dungeon 21 Yes No No
Gnome Maze 9 No No No
Hosidius 6 No Yes No
Lovakengj 41 Yes Yes No
Ogre Enclave 10 Yes Yes No
Port Piscarilius 10 No Yes No
Sisterhood Sanctuary 11 Yes Yes No
Stronghold of Security, Pit of Pestilence (level 3) 35 No Yes No
Underground Pass (dungeon) 49 No Yes No

Exceptions[edit | edit source]