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Combat levelCombat level 60
Task Amounts
Vannaka chathead.png Vannaka60-120
Chaeldar chathead.png Chaeldar110-170
Konar quo Maten chathead.png Konar120-170
Nieve chathead.png Nieve120-185
Duradel chathead.png Duradel130-200
Advanced data
Icon IDNo

Trolls can be assigned as a slayer task at level 60 combat by various slayer masters. Trolls are, for the most part, found in the Fremennik Province and north of Burthorpe.

Trolls fought in quests all count towards the slayer task. The bosses can be fought again in the Nightmare Zone.

Trolls tend to have alchable drops. The exception to this are the bosses and Thrower trolls found in Trollheim and Death Plateau.

Players who have completed the hard Morytania Diary might want to bring the bonecrusher to gain passive prayer experience from the big bone drops.

Ice trolls[edit | edit source]

One of the most common troll task locations is done is north of Jatizso using a Dwarf multicannon. A neitiznot shield is strongly recommended because it reduces the max hit of the ice troll female Ranged attacks from 6 to 2. Bring Prayer potions to use Protect from Melee, as well as food to heal from the Ranged damage.

Jatizso cannon spot.png

Monster Variants[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat level Slayer XP Locations Notes
River troll 14-159 3-5
  • River trolls spawn upon attempting to fish in the Enchanted Valley. Bring a small net.
  • The combat level of the river troll is dependent upon the player's combat level.
  • It is highly recommended to not slay Enchanted Valley river trolls, as they provide severely reduce experience for both combat and slayer experience.
Thrower Troll 67 95
Thrower troll (Trollheim) 68 95
  • These only drop bones (including long and curved bones).
Mountain troll 69, 71 90
Troll spectator 71 90
Twig 71 90
Berry 71 90
Ice troll runt 74 63
Ice troll male 82 84
  • Depending on the spawn location, they have different drops.
Ice troll female 82 84
  • Depending on the spawn location, they have different drops.
Pee Hat 91 126
Kraka 91 126
Dad (Hard) 101 (201) 126 (264)
Ice troll grunt 102 84
Stick 104 141.5
Rock (Troll) 111 150.5
Troll general 113 150.5
Arrg (Hard) 113 (210) 150.5 (299.6)
Ice troll 120, 121, 123, 124 129, 97, 86, 86
  • Take caution, as your stats will be drained.
Ice Troll King (Hard) 122 (213) 161 (287)
  • Uses all three attack styles.

Location Comparison[edit | edit source]

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Location Maplink Amount Multicombat Cannonable Safespottable Notes
Enchanted Valley 1 No No Yes
  • Summon a River troll above your combat level if you start fishing
  • fairy ring BKQ
South of Mount Quidamortem (North-east location) 7 Yes Yes Yes
  • More open than the troll location to the south-west, so luring multiple trolls is easier.
  • Rocks can be used to safespot.
  • Closer to a bank than most Mountain Trolls.
South of Mount Quidamortem (South-west location) 7 Yes Yes Yes
  • High number of obstacles makes safespotting easier.
Death Plateau 15 No Yes Yes
  • Protect from Missiles is highly recommended while running through the canyon leading up to the plateau
  • One of the faster places to get to by teleporting to burthope (Games Necklace or Combat Bracelet)
  • Shooting through the troll buildings consisting of rocks is possible making safespotting easier.