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Vyre icon.png
Combat levelCombat level 35
OtherCompletion of Priest in Peril
Task Amounts
Mazchna chathead.png Mazchna10-20 (200-250)
Vannaka chathead.png Vannaka10-20 (200-250)
Chaeldar chathead.png Chaeldar80-120 (200-250)
Konar quo Maten chathead.png Konar100-160 (200-250)
Nieve chathead.png Nieve110-170 (200-250)
Duradel chathead.png Duradel100-210 (200-250)
Advanced data
Icon ID24702

Vampyres can by assigned as a slayer task by various Slayer masters once the player has completed Priest in Peril and achieved at least level 35 combat. Mostly confined to the Morytania region, access to different variants of vampyres are usually tied to progression within the Myreque questline. From feral vampyres to vyrewatch sentinels, players of all different skill levels can find a worthy challenge in vampyre tasks.

Prior to the Actual Vampyre Slayer unlock, vampyre tasks can only be assigned by slayer masters Mazchna and Vannaka and only 10 to 20 assigned at a time.

Feral Vampyre (Haunted Woods) safespot.png
Location of a viable safespot in the Haunted Woods near the fairy ring alq.

The easiest variant of vampyres to kill, Feral Vampyres can be a good money making activity for mid-level players and can be found in the Haunted Woods, Abandoned Mine, Wilderness God Wars Dungeon, and God Wars Dungeon. Unlike other variants, these vampyres can be slain with any weapon type.

After completing the quest In Aid of the Myreque, Vampyre Juvinates are another option available to the player. Ranging from combat level 50 to combat level 119, they provide a good challenge for players of all skill levels. However, vampyre juvinates are generally more difficult to kill than their feral vampyre counterparts. Player must use either silver weaponry or Efaritay's aid to damage vampyre juvinates, and the combination of poor drops, frustrating mechanics, and lackluster experience rates make these an uncommon choice for adventurers.

If the player has completed A Taste of Hope and have access to the Ivandis flail, they can choose to slay the more challenging but also more rewarding Vyrewatch. Due to the requirements needed to start A Taste of Hope, Vyrewatch have a de facto slayer level requirement of 38 to kill. Players can use Drakan's medallion to minimize travelling time back and forth from the bank, and the player can expect to receive good and consistent drops as well as modest slayer experience if they choose this method.

For those who meet the requirement, the most commonly used method to complete a vampyre task is to kill Vyrewatch Sentinels after beginning Sins of the Father. These monsters are exclusive to Darkmeyer, and due to quest requirements they effectively have a slayer level requirement of 50 to kill. Vyrewatch Sentinels are always aggressive to the player as long as they aren't wearing vyre noble clothing. In addition, the Drakan's medallion teleport places the player near a large number of vyrewatch sentinels and is just a few tiles away from a bank and an altar that replenishes prayer points at the cost of 1-3 health. As part of the vyrewatch, vyrewatch sentinels are only able to be damaged by the Ivandis flail or Blisterwood flail, the latter of which gives a stackable 25% damage bonus and 5% accuracy bonus against vampyres. Despite being invulnerable to any damage from a Saradomin godsword, special attacks will still heal & restore prayer points as if they would have dealt damage. These tasks are convenient due to the low focus required, great and consistent drops, formidable slayer experience per hour, and convenience to the player.

Slayer Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Unlock Points cost Notes
Vampyre icon.png Actual Vampyre Slayer 80 Konar, Duradel, Nieve, and Chaeldar will be able to assign Vampyres as your task.
Vampyre icon.png More at stake 100 Number of Vampyres assigned is increased to 200-250.

Monster Variants[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat level Slayer XP Locations Notes
Feral Vampyre
  • 61
  • 64
  • 70
  • 72
  • 77
  • 100
  • 130
  • 40
  • 80
  • 75
  • 50
  • 60
  • 135
  • 185
  • Lackluster slayer experience.
  • Can be profitable for their guaranteed vampyre dust drop.
  • Only variant that can be killed by any weaponry.
Vampyre Juvenile 45 60
  • Can be damaged with any weapons, but retreat at low health unless held with the special attack of the Rod of ivandis or Ivandis flail.
  • After being held, can be fed a Guthix balance, at which point they may return to human form, die instantly, or become a feral vampyre.
  • Does not give Slayer experience nor count for task progression unless the dose of Guthix balance kills it instantly or the feral vampyre is slain as well, so is not recommended.
Vampyre Juvinate
  • 50
  • 54
  • 54
  • 59
  • 75
  • 90
  • 119
  • 60
  • 65
  • 85
  • 50
  • 110
  • 100
  • 150
  • Mostly level 54 variants at each location, which awards 65 slayer experience per kill.
  • Can only be damaged using silver weaponry or using efaritay's aid.
  • Droptable is filled with alchable items, bring nature and fire runes.
  • 87
  • 105
  • 110
  • 120
  • 125
  • 90
  • 90
  • 90
  • 105
  • 110
  • Finding a weapon capable of killing vyrewatch requires beginning a Taste of Hope, which has a level 38 slayer requirement to begin.
  • Can only be damaged with either the Ivandis flail or Blisterwood flail.
  • Naturally aggressive to the player when they don't wear a disguise.
Vyrewatch Sentinel 151 150
  • Only found in Darkmeyer, which is accessed in the quest Sins of the Father.
  • Sins of the Father has a level 50 slayer requirement to begin, meaning players without level 50 slayer will be unable to kill vyrewatch sentinels.
  • Can only be damaged with either the Ivandis flail or Blisterwood flail.
  • Naturally aggressive to the player when they don't wear a disguise.

Location Comparison[edit | edit source]

Location Maplink Amount Multicombat Cannonable Safespottable Notes
Burgh de Rott MapLink

6 Feral Vampyre
15 Vampyre Juvinates

No Yes Yes
Darkmeyer MapLink

6 Vampyre Juvinates
8 Vyrewatch
19 Vyrewatch Sentinels

No Yes No
  • Requires starting Sins of the Father.
  • Only location where the highly profitable Vyrewatch Sentinels can be found.
  • The area west of the Arboretum is especially convenient due to the nearby altar, bank and being close to the Drakan's Medallion's teleport destination.
  • Bank tellers will not service the player without a disguise; the bank chest at the Hallowed Sepulchre lobby can be used instead.
God Wars Dungeon MapLink

13 Feral Vampyre

Yes Yes Yes
  • Feral Vampyres are followers of Zamorak, and will be aggressive to the player unless they wear a Zamorak item.
  • Not recommended as the area is not convenient to access, requires the player to wear items affiliated to the gods, and the spawns are spread out.
  • One of the few locations containing vampyres not locked behind Priest in Peril.
Haunted Woods MapLink

19 Feral Vampyres

No Yes Yes
  • Requires completing Priest in Peril.
  • The feral vampyres here are always aggressive to the player.
  • The nearby leeches can drain stats and do not appear on the minimap.
  • Feral vampyres will spawn if the player is followed by a small spider
  • The fairy ring alq is located in the middle of the Haunted Woods, making it a convenient location for players looking to collect vampyre dust.
Meiyerditch MapLink

4 Vampyre Juvinates
61 Vyrewatch

No Yes No
Slepe MapLink

10 Vyrewatch

No Yes Yes
Wilderness God Wars Dungeon MapLink

2 Feral Vampyres

Yes Yes Yes
  • Requires either 60 strength or 60 agility to access.
  • Most of the dungeon is below level 30 wilderness, so players should bring an emergency teleport.
  • Feral Vampyres are followers of Zamorak, and will be aggressive to the player unless they wear a Zamorak item.

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