Smashed table

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Smashed table
Smashed table.png
Released27 January 2003 (Update)
QuestShilo Village
LocationAh Za Rhoon
OptionsLook-at, Craft
ExamineThis table has seen better days.
Advanced data
Object ID2226

A smashed table is found in Ah Za Rhoon during the Shilo Village quest. The player can look at it, which produces the dialogue "This table might be useful with some adjustment." and attempting to craft it offers the player three options: a ladder, a crude raft and a pole vault.

Only a raft can be successfully crafted, granting 5 Crafting experience. The resulting raft can be boarded in order to escape Ah Za Rhoon. Alternatively, players may walk south and exit through the waterfall, or simply teleport out.

Attempting to create a ladder or pole vault will produce the dialogue "You happily start hacking away at the table but realise that you won't have enough wood to properly finish the item off!", which uses up the wood in the table. Further attempts to make ladders or pole vaults produce the dialogue "Your experience in crafting tells you that there isn't enough wood to complete this task." The ladder awards 0.5 Crafting experience, and the pole vault awards 0 experience.

Once the raft has been crafted, no more crafting is possible and only prints the message "There isn't enough wood left in this table to make anything!"