Smelly journal

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Smelly journal
Smelly journal.png
Released17 November 2016 (Update)
Also calledLarkur's Journal
Quest itemNo
ExamineA journal belonging to Larkur of Rellekka. Smells fishy.
Value0 coins
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.01 kg
Respawn time100 ticks (60 seconds)
Advanced data
Item ID20798
Smelly journal detail.png

The smelly journal is a book found in the Fishing Hamlet east of the Wintertodt Camp. It is found in the south-westernmost building.

The journal speaks about a group of Fremenniks who wished to travel west, and details their experiences.

The journal is written for an individual named Lensa. Despite this, using the journal on Lensa of Jatizso or Lensa of Rellekka results in nothing.

Spawns[edit | edit source]

Location Members Spawns Map
Great Kourend - Fishing HamletMember icon.png1Maplink

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Smelly journal.
Raktuber 31st, 166
Dearest Lensa

Brother Rakkar found this old empty diary on board, I'll fill it with entries of our travels for you to read upon my arrival!

Pentember 1st, 166
Dearest Lensa

The storms have been rougher than the seers foretold, we've had to take shelter on Lunar Isle and the Moonclan are not impressed. They say of our voyage west will find nothing but a watery grave, their Kosmos be damned!

Pentember 23rd, 166
Dearest Lensa

We've been sailing for weeks now my love and the crew has become weary, supplies run low and Jaldur has no explanation for the lack of fish in these strange waters. Land is on the horizon, hope is not lost.

Fentuary 5th, 166
Dearest Lensa

Great news! We've discovered a fishing hamlet in the cold tundra on the coast of this new continent. The locals are quiet... but friendly enough, they've allowed us hospitality providing we help out catching fish.

Fentuary 12th, 166
Dearest Lensa

The fish in the waters here are magnificent! We'll have to bring some back for all of you to try, along with the ale! I'm not sure how they're making it but it's strong and makes for great merriment! Jardor found a large snakestone in the recent catch, the locals seem weary of it and demand we take it with us when we leave.

Septober 17th, 166

It's been awhile since my last entry, I apologize my dear, but things have taken a turn of the worst. We still remain at the fishing hamlet for brother Barrak and Jardor have a sickness, they mutter words to the snakestone, they claim it whispers back...

Septober 19th, 166

Jardor has turned to drinking in the ocean, he says it'll bring him closer to the gods... for who he's referring to I do not know. The snakestone lies.

Septober 21st, 166

The villagers are gone, something took them in the night, trails lead to an ominous crevasse... I must convince the others that we must flee now, before it's too late.

Septober 23rd, 166

It spoke to me, I'm going to stay now.

Septober 25th, 166

Rakkar tried to throw the snakestone back into the ocean, Jardor and Barrak made an example of him, he'll be troubling us no more.

Ire of Phyrrys, ??, ???

Praise him.
Praise him.
Praise him.

Tonight we ascend.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The repeated line 'Praise Him,' may be a reference to the Doctor Who episode The God Complex, where the line is repeated with increasing frequency until a character's death.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
9 August 2018

A typo in examine text was fixed. Previously, the old examine text was "A journal beloning[sic] to Larkur of Rellekka, smells fishy."