Smoke Dungeon

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Not to be confused with Smoke Devil Dungeon.

Note: The smoke in this dungeon cannot kill you, but the creatures inside it can.

The Smoke Dungeon is a winding tunnel underneath the Kharidian Desert. To reach it, players must climb down the smokey well. It is visited during the Desert Treasure (must have started Desert Treasure to enter) quest to obtain the Smoke diamond from Fareed. While in the dungeon the player must wear a facemask, Slayer helmet or Slayer helmet (i) to protect themselves from the smoke. A Gas mask from the Plague City quest will also work for the dungeon's smoke. However, the Dust devils inside the dungeon will still bring your stats to zero with their special attack while wearing a Gas mask. Being in the dungeon without a protection, players will receive 20 damage every 12 seconds, although never below 1 hitpoint. Needless to say, walking around with 1 hitpoint is not a safe way to travel. In order to gain access to this dungeon, you must progress with the Desert Treasure quest up to the part where you start searching for the diamonds.

Note: a Dwarf multicannon can be used, but it is a single combat area.

The Smoke Dungeon is one of two locations that contain Dust devils, which drop the Dragon chainbody. Dust devils can be ranged, maged, or attacked using a halberd very well since there are a lot of safespots and they attack with melee. It also contains fire giants. If a dust devil attacks you without a facemask, 14 damage is inflicted every second (without the facemask you get 20 damage every 12 seconds without fighting dust devils). Other monsters in the dungeon include Pyrefiends and Fire elementals.

There are two safespots for ranging Fire giants.

It is possible to use Dharok's set efficiently in this dungeon due to the smoke quickly reducing a player to 1 hitpoint. Because all monsters in this dungeon use melee, if the player uses Protect from Melee, they will be able to safely keep their health at 1 hitpoint without fear of dying. Note that this does not apply to dust devils due to the stat reducing effects of fighting them without a facemask.

Getting there[edit | edit source]
  • Using a Nardah Teleport and then taking a magic carpet to Pollnivneach
  • Home teleport (if house is in Pollnivneach)
  • Home teleport tabs and a scroll of redirection
  • Teleport to Al Kharid (amulet of glory, ring of dueling, etc.), go through the Shantay Pass, and take a magic carpet to Pollnivneach
  • The fairy ring code DLQ will bring the players just north-east of Pollnivneach, run south following the river along until you get to a bridge, then run north over the bridge

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
31 March 2016

Improved the blending of smoke overlays.

24 March 2016
(update | poll)

Increased the density of dust devil spawns.

26 November 2015

Typo correction: A missing space in a game message in the Smoke dungeon.