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A snake charm is an item that players use in the two quests, The Feud and Ratcatchers, and in the minigame Pyramid Plunder.

In The Feud, players use it to lure a snake into a basket used for a poison. During Ratcatchers, they use it to charm rats into the sea, in a homage to the Pied Piper.

In the Pyramid Plunder minigame, players have the option to use the charm to distract snakes while they loot the pots in each room. To do this, players must first search an urn for a snake. Once a snake appears, use the snake charm on the urn, and you will play a quick song to distract the snake, allowing you to loot the urn.

Players obtain this item by putting two coins into the snake charmer's pouch. They also get a snake basket. The charm and a basket are available behind the bar in Pollnivneach for three coins.

The basket will be used during The Feud, but the charm remains with the player. Players can reacquire them from Ali the Snake Charmer.

These items can also be obtained from Wingstone in the Gnome Restaurant minigame.

Note: If you already have a snake charm in your inventory or your bank (such as from a previous quest) when speaking to Ali, he will make note of this, and thus will not provide you with another one.

Together with the piano found in the manor during the Misthalin Mystery quest, this is the only item in RuneScape that allows you to compose your own music (by playing it, a menu opens up that allows you to pick how many holes you want to hold down for each note, allowing you to string brief tunes together).

After completion of Ratcatchers, if you attempt to play the tune that charmed the rats again, your character comments that they don't think they should do that here.

A charming tune that can be heard during The Feud.
Snake charming during Pyramid Plunder that cannot be heard ingame.

Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Gnome RestaurantN/A Casket.png1Rare
WingstoneN/A Casket.png1Rare