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Snow is recurring interactable scenery that appears every Christmas event; players can collect snowballs from them. They can also be created by using the Reindeer hat's operate or snow globe's snow options.

Technical details[edit | edit source]

After operating a reindeer hat or snow globe, it takes 7 ticks for snow to appear on the ground, and then it will appear below where the player is standing after the 7 tick delay. After appearing, the snow lasts for 24 ticks before disappearing. Players can only have one pile of snow active in any map chunk at a time, but players can create snow in multiple chunks at once (for example, by standing at the intersection of four chunks, and making one snow in each corner). There must be a single tick of no snow in a chunk before a new one can be made. Therefore, to create a new pile of snow as fast as possible within the same chunk, the reindeer hat or snow globe has to be operated during the 18th tick that the snow is active on the ground; this can be done on a rhythm of operating the snow globe or reindeer hat once every 25 ticks.

Snow is useful as a free-to-play method of tick manipulation.