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Snowdrops are one of the plants that the player is tasked with growing in Queen Ellamaria's garden in the Garden of Tranquillity quest. Their seeds are obtained from Kragen after growing some cabbage for him in the northern Ardougne farming patch.

Farming info[edit | edit source]

Level required Unknown (edit)
Patch Snowdrop patch
Seeds per 4
Payment No
Growth time Unknown (edit)
Seed Snowdrop seed 5.pngSnowdrop seed
Plant Snowdrops
Crop No
Planting XP No
Checking XP No
Harvesting XP No

Growth stages[edit | edit source]

1Snowdrops (stage 1).png
2Snowdrops (stage 2).png
3Snowdrops (stage 3).png
4Snowdrops (grown).png