Soldier (Death Plateau)

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Soldier (injured) Death Plateau.png
Released9 August 2004 (Update)
LocationDeath Plateau (south)
QuestDeath Plateau
ExamineA soldier of the Imperial Guard.
Advanced data
NPC ID4092
Soldier (Death Plateau) chathead.png

The wounded soldier is located south of the Death Plateau, troll territory, and he is featured prominently in the Death Plateau quest. He was hit by thrower trolls and is unable to head back to Burthorpe, warning players not to head on further. He is the brother of Harold.[1]

After seeing him, players can head south-west on the winding mountain path to reach Tenzing's hut. If proceeding north, however, it is strongly advised to activate Protect from Missiles to negate the thrower trolls' bombardment of Ranged attacks.

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