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The Summer Garden is available starting at level 65 Thieving. It is located north of the teleport spawn point.

Lap Time[edit | edit source]

A trip to the centre of the summer garden is approximately 40 seconds, whereas one to the herb patch is around 36 seconds. These times are based on using the one-click method, so this would give you around 100 trips per hour or 50 drinks per hour. Factor in the occasional misclick or lag and a realistic figure of 140,000 experience per hour seems achievable. Note that these figures assume constant running.

Experience[edit | edit source]

Stamina potion(4).pngStamina potion(4).pngStamina potion(4).pngBeer glass.png
Beer glass.pngBeer glass.pngBeer glass.pngBeer glass.png
Beer glass.pngBeer glass.pngBeer glass.pngBeer glass.png
Beer glass.pngBeer glass.pngBeer glass.pngBeer glass.png
Beer glass.pngBeer glass.pngBeer glass.pngBeer glass.png
Beer glass.pngBeer glass.pngBeer glass.pngBeer glass.png
Beer glass.pngPestle and mortar.png
  • Players may wish to begin training at the Summer garden at level 65 as an alternative method to Ardougne Knights or menaphite thugs. The method can give up to 130,000 experience per hour, with minimal effort.
  • Picking a fruit from the central tree in the summer garden gives 60 Farming experience.
  • Picking the herbs from any garden gives 50 Farming experience.
  • If you fill your 28 inventory slots with the fruits and bank them you will get 1,680 total Farming experience and 42,000 Thieving experience per trip, 1,500 Thieving XP per fruit (this involved getting 28 of the fruits you picked and putting them into 14 beer glasses).
  • The recommended inventory for this activity is ~3 stamina potions, a Pestle and mortar, 22 Beer glasses, and two empty inventory spaces for the sq'irks.

Sq'irk Navigation Guide[edit | edit source]

Elementals 1, 2 & 3[edit | edit source]

Safespots for elementals 1, 2 & 3
  • Start at Safespot 1.
  • When the first elemental hits the wall and moves away from you, run to Safespot 2.
  • When the first elemental moves past you in the other direction, run to Safespot 3.
  • When the second elemental moves past you, run to Safespot 4.
  • When the third elemental moves past you, run to Safespot 5.

Elemental 4[edit | edit source]

Safespots for elemental 4
  • This elemental moves in a figure eight pattern. When it has its back to you, run to Safespot 6.
  • Again, when the fourth element has its back to you, run to Safespot 7. You don't need to worry about the fifth elemental seeing you.

Elementals 5 & 6[edit | edit source]

Safespots for elementals 5 & 6
  • When the fifth elemental moves away from you into the corridor, move to Safespot 8.
  • When the fifth elemental moves out of the corridor, and the sixth elemental has its back to you, run to Safespot 9. Be ready to move quickly.
  • Let the sixth elemental get a couple tiles ahead of you, so that you don't overtake it, and run to the Sq'irk tree.

One-click Summer Garden Method[edit | edit source]

When you see these two elementals bounce against their walls at the same time, prepare to click on the sq'irk tree.
  • Stand in the tile just in front of the path of the elemental, marked with a red box in the image.
  • Wait until elementals 1 and 3 bounce against the middle walls at the same time. This is when you need to prepare yourself for running.
  • If they happen to be off-tick, that is, one bounces and the second one bounces right after, just get caught by the first elemental, and they should bounce together again.
  • Wait until elemental 1 goes back to where you are, and click on the sq'irk tree when she moves from tile 3 to 4.
  • Repeat this process until the other elementals no longer catch you.
  • Update: Some worlds have an issue where elementals don't always seem to delay for 1 tick when they spot you, making it so you can keep getting spotted on the same tile. Easiest to change worlds.
  • Or, to "fix" these elementals, stand still on a tile where the non-delaying elemental would spot you. They should delay properly when they spot you then. If not, try another tile.
  • If you ran past an elemental that spotted you and starts following you, but didn't teleport you, log in and out. This resets her.
When the first summer elemental moves from the third to the fourth tile, click on the sq'irk tree.
  • A perfect run should be 61 game ticks (~36.6 seconds) which is just enough time to run the full course, pick the sq'irk, and get back in time for elementals 1 and 3 to meet on their respective center walls.
  • Just because you have aligned number 1 and 3 does NOT mean the rest will be in order! You may have to make 2-8 runs to align the rest of the elementals.
You can save time by syncing these two up first. Then wait for 1 and 3 to bounce off the inner wall to sync the rest up.
You can save time by syncing these two up first. Then wait for 1 and 3 to bounce off the inner wall to sync the rest up.

Summer Garden Herbs[edit | edit source]

Herb Navigation Guide[edit | edit source]

The 1 Click method for acquiring sq'irks is equally effective for obtaining herbs. Simply click on the herb patch when you would normally click on the tree.

When your character harvests herbs, they will take two from the patch but will still only get 50 xp.

If maximising profits rather than herbs gathered, then you will be dropping up to 2/3 of the herbs you gather assuming you only keep herbs worth 1,000 gp or more.

A spade is NOT required to pick the herbs, nor is it necessary to clean them.

To maximise your inventory space, do not bring more than 2 stamina potions. No other materials are required. Weight reducing gear and amulet of glory for quick teleports near the Al Kharid bank are recommended.

Hardcore Ironmen may want to consider this method for a safe herb banking method that has few requirements and can be done reasonably well even without a glory or stamina potions.

Filling an inventory with valuable herbs takes about 15 minutes assuming you make few mistakes.

Depending on the GE value of herbs, this method can easily net the player 300-400K gp per hour minus the cost of around eight stamina potions.

Herb Drop Table[1][edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Guam leaf.png: Sorceress's Garden/Summer drops Guam leaf with rarity 16/111 in quantity 1Guam leaf116/111631
Marrentill.png: Sorceress's Garden/Summer drops Marrentill with rarity 14/111 in quantity 1Marrentill114/111393
Tarromin.png: Sorceress's Garden/Summer drops Tarromin with rarity 13/111 in quantity 1Tarromin113/1111306
Harralander.png: Sorceress's Garden/Summer drops Harralander with rarity 12/111 in quantity 1Harralander112/11174912
Irit leaf.png: Sorceress's Garden/Summer drops Irit leaf with rarity 11/111 in quantity 1Irit leaf111/11167824
Avantoe.png: Sorceress's Garden/Summer drops Avantoe with rarity 10/111 in quantity 1Avantoe110/1111,43828
Ranarr weed.png: Sorceress's Garden/Summer drops Ranarr weed with rarity 9/111 in quantity 1Ranarr weed19/1117,52715
Kwuarm.png: Sorceress's Garden/Summer drops Kwuarm with rarity 8/111 in quantity 1Kwuarm18/1111,43132
Cadantine.png: Sorceress's Garden/Summer drops Cadantine with rarity 7/111 in quantity 1Cadantine17/1111,42239
Lantadyme.png: Sorceress's Garden/Summer drops Lantadyme with rarity 6/111 in quantity 1Lantadyme16/1111,19740
Dwarf weed.png: Sorceress's Garden/Summer drops Dwarf weed with rarity 5/111 in quantity 1Dwarf weed15/11172942

References[edit | edit source]

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