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Soul wars guide
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Released6 January 2021 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineIt's full of interesting stuff.
Value1 coin
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight0.001 kg
Advanced data
Item ID25197
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The Soul Wars guide is a book given by Nomad at the start of the Soul Wars minigame after the player has finished the tutorial. It contains basic information about the minigame.

The Soul Wars guide is destroyed upon death. If players lose the book, they can reclaim it from Nomad.

This book can be stored in a player owned house bookcase.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Soul wars guide.

Soul Wars is an intense game, where two teams fight to defeat each other's avatar.

This guide will cover what is needed to be victorious in the game.


Section 1: Getting Started
Section 2: Avatars
Section 3: The Soul Obelisk
Section 4: Graveyards
Section 5: Supplies
Section 6: Rewards

Section 1: Getting Started

To join a game of Soul Wars, simply use the waiting areas in the lobby area of the island.

If you wish to join the blue team, use the blue team waiting area, and for the read team, the red area. If you don't mind which team you join, you can use the green balance portal.

When attempting to join, be aware that you may be denied access if that waiting area is too strong.

Once the game begins, you'll start in your base's graveyard. This can never be lost to the enemy, and you will respawn here on death if you do not own any other graveyards.

Within your team's base, you will find your avatar and a supply area.

From your supply area, you can collect bandages, barricades, explosive potions and potions of power. Bandages and potions of power can also be collected from within your base's graveyard. For more information on these supplies, see Section 5.

Section 2: Avatars

Avatars are essential to victory - the team with the most avatar kills at the end of the game will be declared the winner.

While your avatar is very powerful and can defend itself, it can still be overrun by attackers. So you should protect it. If you are not working to defend the avatar, you should push forward, weaken the enemy avatar and attempt to destroy it.

Avatars have the ability to reduce the damage they take. However, this ability's strength can be weakened. For more information on weakening them, see Section 3.

A weakened avatar's strength can be restored. For more information on this, see Section 4.

Section 3: The Soul Obelisk

At the heart of the island you'll find the Soul Obelisk. Your team can capture this by having more participants near it than the opposing team.

The Soul Obelisk can be used to weaken the opposing team's avatar. To do so, you can sacrifice soul fragments to it.

Soul fragments can be optained by killing creatures found on the island. Alternatively, if an opposing team member has some soul fragments, you can kill them and claim their fragments.

When sacrificing soul fragments to the Obelisk, sacrifices by the team controlling the Obelisk will weaken an avatar more than those by the team that does not.

Section 4: Graveyards

Along with the base graveyards, there are two capturable graveyards on the island. These can be captured by having more participants near it than the opposing team. But remember - you can never capture the opposing team's base graveyard.

If captured by your team, the graveyards can be used as additional respawn points upon death. If your team owns multiple graveyards, you'll respawn in the one closest to where you died.

Graveyards can be used to restore the strength of your avatar. To do so, just bury some bones within them.

Bones can be obtained by killing creatures found on the island, or by killing opposing team members.

Bones buried by the team controlling the graveyard will restore an avatar's strength more than those buried by the team that does not.

Section 5: Supplies

As mentioned in Section 1, you can collect bandages, barricades, explosive potions and potions of power from your team base.

When used, bandages will heal some of your health, cure any poison, and restore your run energy.

Barricades can be used to block enemies from an area. Your team is limited to ten barricades, and you can only take one at a time - so use them wisely.

Explosive potions can be used to instantly destroy a barricade.

Potions of power can be used to boost your combat abilities and restore your prayer.

Section 6: Rewards

By playing Soul Wars, you will earn both Zeal and Zeal Tokens. While Zeal is used to show your life time Soul Wars score, Zeal Tokens can be spent on various rewards from the Soul Wars Reward Shop.

Both are given whenever a Soul Wars game ends. The amount depends on your contribution to the game.

The winning team will also receive some bonus Zeal and Zeal Tokens, while the losing team will have some removed.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
27 January 2021

The item can now be stored in player-owned house bookcases.

6 January 2021

The item is now obtainable by players.

9 December 2020

The item was added to the game.