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Special patches[edit | edit source]

Level Sapling Location Closest teleport Image
23 Seaweed Underwater
Gardener: Mernia
Mernia location.png
36 Grape Hosidius Vinery
Gardener: Gallow
Vinery map.png
53 Mushroom West of Canifis Mushroom patch location.png
63 Belladonna Draynor Manor Draynor Manor patch location.png
65 Hespori Farming Guild
Gardener: Arno
Hespori map.png
76 Anima Farming Guild
Gardener: Felfiz Yaryus
Farming Guild Anima patch location.png

Special tree patches[edit | edit source]

Level Sapling Location Closest teleport Image
35/55 Hardwood
Teak and Mahogany
Fossil Island Mushroom Forest
Gardeners: Squirrels
Hardwood patch location.png
72 Calquat North of Tai Bwo Wannai
Gardener: Imiago
Imiago location.png
74 Crystal Prifddinas
Gardener: Pennant
Pennant location.png
85 Celastrus Farming Guild
Gardener: Taylor
Farming Guild Celastrus patch location.png
90 Redwood Farming Guild
Gardener: Alexandra
Redwood tree patch location.png

Cactus patches[edit | edit source]

Cactus patches can grow cactus seeds (55 Farming) and potato cactus seeds (64 Farming).

Location Closest teleport Image
Al Kharid
Gardener: Ayesha
Al Kharid Cactus patch location.png
Farming Guild
Gardener: Alan
Farming Guild Cactus patch location.png

Minigame and raids patches[edit | edit source]

Type Activity Location Seeds
Tithe patch Tithe Farm Hosidius Golovanova seeds, Bologano seeds and Logavano seeds
Herb patch Chambers of Xeric Mount Quidamortem Golpar seeds, Buchu seeds and Noxifer seeds