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Category Goal Complete Black Knights' Fortress (Which requires 12 Quest points to start).
Start point Timing starts upon the character creation screen disappearing on Tutorial Island.
End point Timing ends upon completing the Black Knights' Fortress quest.
Run length Short-Medium
Leaderboards Speedrun.com Leaderboard
Category Specific Rules
General Rules

These rules apply to all categories, in addition to any other category specific rules.

  • Timing must be RTA.
  • Mouse cursor must be visible.
  • Skippy is not allowed.
  • Must use the official game client.
  • Multilogging is allowed for most runs, but must be marked on the run submission.

These are the notes for the F2P Black Knights Fortress Ironman category.

The goal of this category is to complete Black Knights' Fortress, which requires 12 Quest Points to start.

For general speedrunning information please see the Speedrunning guide section.

Category Guide[edit | edit source]

Start[edit | edit source]

  • Log in.
  • Create your account name and submit it.
  • Timer starts when you press accept on the character creation screen.

Tutorial Island[edit | edit source]

Check out other runners for general ideas of how to do this section quickly: Tutorial Island Leaderboard

  • Talk to the RuneScape Guide. (Chat V) I am an experienced player.
  • Click the settings panel.
  • Talk to the RuneScape Guide again.
  • Click the door to exit the starting building
  • Complete the Survival Expert segment.
  • As you have time running around, enable shift click drop.
  • Drop your items as you can to not run out of run.
  • Finish the cooking, quest, and mining guide segments.
  • Complete the combat guide segment, using aggressive melee and rapid ranged.
  • Complete the bank segment.
  • Skip the poll booth segment by:
    • Clicking the poll both, keeping a "Open Door" prompt open.
    • Clicking that prompt when the poll booth text starts.
  • Finish the account and prayer guide segment.
  • Become an Ironman by talking to Paul. (Chat 11C1)
    • Select the "Standard Iron Man" option, and setup bank pin now.
    • You will need to enter a bank pin twice here, and the pin cannot be too simple or it will be rejected.
  • Finish the magic guide segment.
  • Teleport off of Tutorial Island. (Chat 1)
    • [Split]

Ernest the Chicken[edit | edit source]

  • As you run around Lumbridge drop everything except bread and shrimp.
  • Run into the sheep pen and out over the stile.
  • Grab the egg from the large chicken pen.
  • Walk to Draynor Manor and start Ernest the Chicken. (Chat 1)
  • Enter the manor.
  • Pick up the fish food from the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US].
  • Pick up the poison from the ground floor[UK]1st floor[US] kitchen.
  • Combine fish food and poison.
  • Complete the basement level puzzle to get the oil can. [BA, D, BA, EF, C, E]
  • Pick up a spade by the mansion back door.
  • Exit the mansion and head around the north side.
  • Get the key from the compost pile to the west of the mansion.
  • Poison the fountain and get the pressure gauge from it.
  • Re-enter the mansion through the front door.
  • Pick up the tube from the locked skeleton room behind the stairs.
  • Talk to Professor Oddenstein on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] (Chat 12)
  • Talk to him again to finish ETC.
    • [Split]

Cook's Assistant[edit | edit source]

  • Pick up a bucket and bronze med helm by the back door.
  • Walk out the back door and leave the manor.
  • Head west, cut through the allotments, milk the cow.
  • Talk to Redbeard Frank to start PT. (Chat 11)
  • You can leave this dialouge after submiting the second option.
  • Take the boat to Karamja. (Chat 1)
  • Buy 1 rum and 1 wine from Zambo.
  • Pick 10 bananas from the plantation.
  • Talk to Luthas. (Chat 1)
  • Right click and "Fill" the crate with bananas.
  • Put the rum in the crate.
  • Talk to Luthas again to get your payment and send the bananas.
  • Take the boat back to Port Sarim. (Chat 121)
  • Take a white apron from the fishing shop.
    • Equip the apron.
  • Walk to Wydin's food store.
    • BUY: 1 flour, 1 cabbage
  • Click the door to the back room and talk to Wydin to get in.
  • Take your rum from the banana crate.
  • Drop the white apron.
  • Talk to Redbeard Frank again and trade your rum for a key.
  • Minigame Teleport to Clan Wars.
  • Enter the white portal to restore run energy.
  • Home teleport.
  • Start and finish Cook's Assistant. (Chat 11)
    • [Split]

Romeo and Juliet[edit | edit source]

  • Walk out the back of the castle and across the north Lum bridge.
  • Walk to the cadava berries south of Varrock and pick one.
  • Walk to the Blue Moon Inn.
  • Go upstairs and open the Pirate's Treasure chest.
  • Read the message and drop it.
  • Start Romeo and Juliet at Juliet. (Chat 11)
  • Talk to Romeo until the letter leaves your inventory.
  • Talk to Father Lawrence.
  • Walk to Horvik's Armour shop.
    • BUY: Iron chainbody
  • Get the cadava potion from the apothecary. (Chat 21)
  • Talk to Juliet and watch the cutscene.
  • Talk to Romeo to finish Romeo and Juliet.
    • [Split]

Pirate's Treasure[edit | edit source]

  • Run to Barbarian Village.
  • Place all of your items except the spade on a table in the north-west house.
  • Run to Falador park.
  • Dig in the centre of the park, walk away to de-spawn the gardener, and dig again to complete Pirate's Treasure.
    • [Split]

Black Knights' Fortress[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Sir Amik Varze on the 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] of Falador castle.
  • Deathwarp to white knights.
  • Talk to Count Check to teleport back to the Barbarian Village. (Chat 41)
  • Grab your items off the table.
  • Run to the Black Knights' Fortress.
  • Enter and follow the hidden route through the north wall to spy at grate.
  • Go back to the main entrance and follow the east path to drop cabbage in hole.
  • Drop all of your items and run back to Falador.
  • Talk to Sir Amik Varze to complete Black Knights' Fortress (and the run).
  • Timer stops when the quest complete scroll appears.
    • [Split]