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Category Goal Obtain the camo top from the Drill Demon random event.
Start point See Category Specific Rules
End point See Category Specific Rules
Run length ???
Leaderboards Speedrun.com Leaderboard
Category Specific Rules
  • To verify a run you need either of the following:
    • A video of the entire run, from character creation to random event completion.
    • A screenshot of the player with a camo top in their inventory or equipped while getting their character's age from Hans.
  • Timing starts upon the character creation screen disappearing on Tutorial Island if providing a video of the run, or when the player's Hans time begins if submitting a screenshot.
  • Timing ends when the player exits the random event if providing video of the entire run, or upon getting account age from Hans if only providing a screenshot.
  • If the player has the camo top equipped they must show the equipment panel instead of the backpack/inventory panel if submitting a screenshot.
General Rules

These rules apply to all categories, in addition to any other category specific rules.

  • Timing must be RTA.
  • Mouse cursor must be visible.
  • Skippy is not allowed.
  • Must use the official game client.
  • Multilogging is allowed for most runs, but must be marked on the run submission.

This is the route guide page for the Obtain camo top category. The one and only goal for this category is to obtain a camo top from the Drill Demon random event.

Since the camo top is always the first reward you get from this random event, the goal basically becomes getting and completing the Drill Demon random event once.

While not everything is known about random event spawns, all research suggests that random event spawns are on a random timer and this timer is set in intervals of five minutes.[1]

As random events cannot spawn on Tutorial Island, the best general strategy is to complete Tutorial Island and wait in an area that allows random events to spawn, then if your first random event is not a Drill Demon then restart. To get off of Tutorial Island quickly check out the Tutorial Island Route Guide.

Due to the unique nature of this category, special run submission methods are allowed so that more people can submit their runs for this category. Please see the "Category Specific Rules" box at the top of this page for more information.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This category came about in part due to the surge in fast Camo Top content on Reddit.

References[edit | edit source]

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