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Category Goal Complete Tutorial Island.
Start point Timing starts upon the character creation screen disappearing on Tutorial Island.
End point Timing ends when your character arrives at Lumbridge.
Run length Very Short
Leaderboards Speedrun.com Leaderboard
Category Specific Rules
  • None
General Rules

These rules apply to all categories, in addition to any other category specific rules.

  • Timing must be RTA.
  • Mouse cursor must be visible.
  • Skippy is not allowed.
  • Must use the official game client.
  • Multilogging is allowed for most runs, but must be marked on the run submission.

These are the general notes for the Tutorial Island category, they go into very specific detail about how to get through Tutorial Island in the fewest ticks possible. To get a general sense of how to complete this category quickly, watching a run is a good way to start: Speedrun.com

The coding of intractable objects and NPCs on Tutorial Island varies slightly from the mainland content, because of this there are many small tricks that can optimize your time in this finely tuned category. Every tick matters on tutorial island (and hopefully in the rest of your runs!).

For general speedrunning information please see the Speedrunning guide section.

Category Guide[edit | edit source]

Setup[edit | edit source]

  • New accounts do not need to be verified to work, because of this you can setup your account with any short email and password, though please remember that these accounts are likely to be removed soon after they are inactive.
  • Name selection and character creation are done before the timer starts.
  • Wait until Gielinor Guide is south of you or generally close to press create character and start your splits.
  • Time officially starts when the character creation screen disappears (should be exactly on the tick) so you will never get your timing perfect.

Start[edit | edit source]

  • Wait one tick (walking towards the guide works) then talk to the guide. If you do not wait a tick then your chat box will be cancelled out.
  • Choose any chat option, they do not make a difference.
  • After the option, hold space and wait for 2 chat boxes to go by. (I count in my head 1, 2, 3, and click settings on the 3)
  • Click settings, then quickly click Gielinor Guide. This can be done in the same game tick.
  • If you're holding space, you can walk away the tick that the text box appears. This is a main tech throughout the run - once the text for the last chat box appears, you can click to move to the next place.
  • Click the door right when the text box appears.

Above Ground Start[edit | edit source]

  • Turn on shift click to drop while running towards Survival expert.
  • Click away immediately when the first text box appears (you do not need to be holding space).
  • You have to click the backpack before you can actually fish. If you click on the fishing spot, then open the backpack before you reach it, you don't need to click on the fishing spot again.
  • There's a set time for fishing, wait until you receive the shrimp
  • If multilogging, you can use another player's fire to cook your shrimp at this point. If you don't burn it, you can progress to the next section through the gate.
  • Open the skills tab and talk to the Survival Expert again
  • You must be holding space, but you can walk away as soon as the first text box appears.
  • Walk south of the tree, chop it, immediately light the log (moves you west), immediately cook the shrimp, spam click the gate.
  • Drop all items

Master Chef:

  • Walk to the Chef's house. Do not click on the door from far away, otherwise it takes much longer to pass through. Instead, click to walk to the tile directly in front of the door, then open the door slightly before you reach it.
  • Hold space and walk to the range as soon as the second text box appears.
  • Use the Pot of flour on the Bucket of water, and click on the Range to cook them. This can be done in the same game tick.
  • Pass through the door once you cook the bread
  • Drop all items

Quest guide:

  • Follow the path to the quest guide.
  • Again, click to walk to the tile in front of the door, and then open it slightly before you reach it.
  • Talk to the quest guide, open the Quest tab after 1 tick, and talk to him again.
  • After you see the dialogue with a Quest symbol picture, you can click on the ladder on the next game tick.
  • Climb down the ladder.

Underground Segment[edit | edit source]

  • Enable "Esc closes current interface" in F-Keys settings while running to the Mining instructor
  • Talk to Mining instructor. Walk away when third text box appears.
  • Mine each ore. You can spam click during them to the next ore or furnace.
  • Use one of the ores on the furnace to smelt them
  • Talk to Mining instructor while holding space and immediately USE your Bronze bar on the Anvil, and smith a Bronze dagger.
  • You cannot spam click while smithing the dagger. When it appears in your inventory click the gate and drop your other items. Do NOT drop the dagger.


  • Talk to Vannaka. After 2 ticks, open the Equipment tab, then after 1 tick open the "Worn equipment" screen, then after another tick equip the Bronze dagger and press Escape (or close the interface normally).
  • Talk to Vannaka and immediately walk away to the gate. Equip sword and shield. Click combat styles.
  • Leave your attack style on accurate. Aggressive does not increase your max hit.
  • Kill the rats (This section is heavily RNG dependent). On accurate style, there is a 56% chance of hitting each time. The chance of hitting 3 times in a row is approximately 17.5%.
  • Talk to Vannaka, after 2 chat boxes run back towards the gate, equip bow and arrows.
  • Try to kite the rat over to the ladder. A lot of the time you won't be able to but you can still try. A good spot for this is directly south-west of the ladder, you will normally be able to hit any rat from that position.
  • Climb the ladder, un-equip bow, drop everything you can.

If multilogging, the rats can be pre-damaged with alternate accounts.

Finishing Up[edit | edit source]

  • Click on either of the bank booths, they make no difference.
  • Right click the Poll booth before you reach the bank booth. As soon as the bank interface opens, click on the option for the Poll booth.
  • Right click the door to the Account guide room.
  • Hold spacebar. When your camera angle changes in the poll booth dialogue (2 game ticks), click the option to open the door to the Account guide room.
  • Talk to the Account guide and on the 5th chat box click the account tab, then talk again.
  • Wait until you see "Anyway, thats everything..." and you can open the door to continue. This is 12 game ticks.

Prayer Tutor

  • Talk to the Prayer Tutor, he has 2 chat boxes between each action. Open the Prayer and Friends list tabs.
  • The third time you talk to him, you can click on the door after 2 game ticks.

Magic Tutor

  • Talk to the Magic Tutor. After 2 game ticks, open the magic tab and click on the Tutor again.
  • Click Air Strike while holding space, when you see the images of Mind and Air runes in the chat you can cast Air Strike on a chicken close to the fence (the far ones can drag you away).
  • Talk to the Magic Tutor again, choose option 1 both times to be sent to the mainland. (Chat 11)
  • End timer when the Loading appears or the main land appears.