Spirit Tree Patch

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Players can grow their own Spirit tree from a spirit seed once they reach level 83 Farming. Since spirit seeds are untradeable, they can be difficult to obtain. Spirit tree patches can be found in:

A player may grow two spirit trees at 91 Farming and an unlimited number of spirit trees at 99. Planting spirit trees can be boosted, also to plant multiple.

The growing time for a spirit tree is about 58 hours and 40 minutes. Growing a spirit tree yields 19,501.3 Farming experience, which is the sum of planting (199.5 experience) and checking health (19,301.8 experience).

Spirit trees cannot be cut down, so one simply uses a spade on the tree to remove it. They do not yield roots when removed.

Payment[edit | edit source]

Spirit trees may be tended by gnome gardeners for 5 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar, and 1 ground suqah tooth. Given the rarity of the seed, the experience given, and the length of time it takes to mature, having a gardener tend the growing plant is strongly recommended.