Spirit anglers research notes

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Spirit anglers research notes
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Released24 March 2021 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineNotes and research on Tempoross written by the Spirit Anglers.
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.51 kg
Advanced data
Item ID25569
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Spirit anglers research notes is a book found by searching the book table in the small ruined building in the centre of the Ruins of Unkah.

The research notes contain the Spirit Angler's theories and observations on Tempoross.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Spirit anglers research notes.

Tempoross, the Spirit of the Sea.
Ongoing research by the Spirit Anglers.

The Spirit of the Sea is referenced in many diaries and logs throughout the ages, as well as in tales passed through generations of fisherfolk.

We, the Spirit Anglers have reviewed many such sources in an effort to gain an accurate picture of what this elemental entity. Tempoross, really is

Alongside literature review, we are conducting ongoing studies during our trips to subdue the entity.

These notes are part of an evolving collection of findings and theories based on the information we are continuously gathering.

Literature Review

The verbal tales referencing a Sea Spirit appear to have almost all been forgotten. A few variations remain and the sources we interviewed believe them to be myths and cautionary tales.

There is some written reference of other versions existing, perhaps inches ago, and some even believe the tail to reference a Spirit that existed sometime during the First Age. From these tales it is unclear what the motives of the Spirit were.

Some claim it to be a chaotic spirit that attacks sea-farers unprovoked. Others cast it in a more positive light, suggesting it protects the sea from unworthy fisherfolk. Regardless if either reason is correct, the more relevant feature of these tales is the claimed actions of the Spirit.

Every tale we have investigated tells of freak storms where the sea itself comes alive. The watery form, lightning strikes and colossal waves bear a remarkable resemblance to what we have observed in the current events.

Due to the tales being the starting point of our research, we have opted to call this entity the name that appears most commonly in the tales: Tempoross.

On Location Research

From our recent observations, Tempoross appears rooted within an island cove off the east coast of Karamja. Due to the storms and strong currents Tempoross creates, we are unable to safely dive with our current equipment, even when it is subdued.

The possibility of new equipment is being investigated, but until then we are limited to surface observation and tests.

Our initial theories suggested Tempoross to be some sort of elemental with its own power and sentience. However, our recent observations have raised some questions. When Tempoross submerges, fish are drawn in and seem to amass within several whirlpools situated in the cove.

Our original assumption was that these fish were merely being pulled in by currents outside of their own control. However, further observation of their behaviour indicates they are, in fact, coming together of their own volition.

Magical readings at the location show a strong energy is being emitted from within the cove, one that has not been registered in this area before from what we can find.

For the purpose of these notes, and until further tests are carried out, this energy shall be referred to as Spirit energy and it is our speculation that the fish are drawn to it. It would appear the fish become infused with the energy in some way, emitting a soft glow.

Some of the more resourceful members of the Spirit Anglers are investigating the use of scales shed by these Spirit infused fish as an attractor in their own fishing trips. If successful, it would be further evidence for the theory.

As more fish amass within the cove, the energy readings increase until Tempoross surfaces, fish swirling about within its form. Perhaps this entity draws energy from the cove and the fish within it? Or perhaps it is itself an anomaly of the increased energy levels?

There are many unknowns we are researching. However, our progress is hindered by the need to subdue Tempoross on a regular basis to prevent the storms becoming unmanageable.

Our working theory is that if the presence of many fish triggers the surfacing of Tempoross, removing the fish should reduce the energy levels and subdue it faster than when the fish are left unchecked.

Due to the fish being scattered at various depths and our inability to fish more than a couple of metres beneath the surface with the current conditions and equipment, we cannot prevent Tempoross surfacing outright. However, we are able to prevent the storms from becoming too intense, greatly decreasing the disruption to sea passage.

After various unsuccessful fishing attempts resulting in broken or lost nets, we found firing harpoons through Tempoross itself quite successful in scattering the fish within, eventually resulting in Tempoross retreating beneath the depths to draw the fish back in.

This window allows us to fish directly from the whirlpools and remove surface fish, eventually preventing Tempoross from resurfacing for a longer period of time.

This method is costly, however, as the harpoons are lost to the depths. Recent discoveries have yielded a solution to the harpoon supply issue. A strange type of fish appears to inhabit the reefs around the cove and seems indifferent to the Spirit energy observed within the cove. This fish is similar to the Swordfish, though its bill resembles a harpoon rather than a sword.

As such, we've modified our harpoon cannons to fire these so called Harpoonfish, and better still, we have a seemingly endless supply of them. We have noted that cooking the Harpoonfish, while doing nothing for the edibility, does harden the bill, making them even more effective when used as ammunition.

Our research into the nature of Tempoross and other, more permanent methods of subjugation continue to be our top priority.