Spirit sapling

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Spirit sapling
Spirit sapling.png
Released11 July 2005 (Update)
Quest itemNo
ExamineThis sapling is ready to be replanted in a Spirit patch.
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.907 kg
Advanced data
Item ID5375
Twisted LeagueThis content is present in Twisted League. Yes
Spirit sapling detail.png

Spirit saplings are saplings that can be used to grow spirit trees starting at level 83 Farming. This can be boosted from level 78 Farming with spicy stews. When boosting, note that planting the seed in the pot and planting the sapling requires 83 farming. They can both be done in one boost if timed correctly. Saplings grow on a global tick which occurs once every 5 minutes. First determine when this tick happens with a different seedling. Also, check with a different boost if the skill reduction tick isn't too close to the sapling tick. If the ticks don't overlap, you can easily grow the seedling and plant the sapling in one boost.

They can be made by planting a spirit seed in a filled plant pot, with a gardening trowel in your inventory, and then watering the spirit seedling with a watering can or by using Humidify. When watered, the seedling will sprout into a sapling in one crop cycle (0-5 minutes).

Planting the sapling in a spirit tree patch, with a spade in your inventory, will give 199.5 Farming experience. It will grow into a spirit tree after 3840 minutes (2 days and 16 hours), which gives 19,301.8 Farming experience.

At 83 Farming, players can only have one spirit tree planted at a time. Level 91 Farming allows for two spirit trees to be planted at a time, whilst 99 Farming allows for unlimited spirit trees.

Players can ask the gardener to protect their tree from disease whilst it grows, which requires payment of 5 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar, and 1 ground tooth. This payment can be noted.

As there are limited spots the player can plant spirit trees, any excess spirit saplings can be traded in at Guildmaster Jane for tier 5 seed packs.

Farming info[edit | edit source]

Spirit Tree
Level required Farming 83
Patch Spirit tree
Seeds per 1
Payment 5 Monkey nuts.pngmonkey nuts, 1 Monkey bar.pngmonkey bar, and 1 Ground tooth.pngground tooth
Growth time 3,840 min (12x320 min = 64 hours)
Regrow No
Seed Spirit seed 5.pngSpirit seed
Seedling Spirit seedling.pngSpirit seedling
Sapling Spirit sapling.pngSpirit sapling
Plant Spirit Tree
Planting XP 199.5 xp
Checking XP 19,301 xp
Harvesting XP No

Creation[edit | edit source]

Farming Farming83 (b)0
Member icon.png
TicksVaries[r 1]
Spirit seedling (w).pngSpirit seedling (w)1N/A
Total Cost0
Spirit sapling.pngSpirit sapling1N/A
  1. The Spirit sapling will mature on the farming tick cycle that occurs every 5mins.

Products[edit | edit source]

Spirit tree & fairy ring icon.pngSpirit tree & fairy ring
Member icon.png
  • Construction 95
  • Farming 83
  • Construction 885
  • Farming 885
Spirit tree (Construction) icon.pngSpirit tree (Construction)
Member icon.png
  • Construction 75
  • Farming 83
  • Construction 350
  • Farming 350

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 September 2020
(update | poll)

Players can now exchange spirit seedlings via Guildmaster Jane for tier 5 seed packs.

9 April 2015

The correct animation now plays when planting a spirit sapling.

11 July 2005
  • The item was made obtainable.
  • The item was renamed from "Plant pot" to "Spirit sapling".
  • The item's examine was changed from "Farming skill coming soon!" to "This sapling is ready to be replanted in a Spirit patch."
6 June 2005

The item was added to the game cache.