Splitbark armour

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A player wearing splitbark armour.

Splitbark armour is a set of members-only magic armour that requires 40 Magic and 40 Defence to wear. Each piece of Splitbark armour can be made by Wizard Jalarast at the Wizards' Tower if players pay a fee and bring her the raw materials - fine cloth and bark. Skeletal armour has very similar stats, yet Splitbark armour is better by a few points. Alternatively, players can craft splitbark armour themselves by using a needle and thread on a piece of fine cloth and bark. This requires 60-62 crafting however.

Crafting the armour requires the following materials:

Item Bark
Fine cloth
Splitbark helm inventory image Splitbark helm 2 2
Splitbark body inventory image Splitbark body 4 4
Splitbark gauntlets inventory image Splitbark gauntlets 1 1
Splitbark legs inventory image Splitbark legs 3 3
Splitbark boots inventory image Splitbark boots 1 1
Totals 11 11

Splitbark armour is often used for its rare combination of providing a sizeable magical attack bonus while still maintaining defensive bonuses to both melee and magic defence. The melee defensive bonuses offered by Splitbark are similar to those of black armour. While this is useful, especially for up-close combat against enemies by which there is no "safespot", many players with the same required Magic level of 40, and especially a lower required Defence level of 20, would likely favour the mystic robes set for farcasting and safespotting, due to a considerably higher magic attack and defence bonus, though no melee defence is offered by Mystic.

Via rewards from the Shades of Mort'ton minigame, splitbark armour can be converted to swampbark armour or bloodbark armour.

It can be stored in a magic wardrobe in a player owned house.

Components[edit | edit source]

Item GE Price
Splitbark helm.png Splitbark helm 5,603
Splitbark body.png Splitbark body 27,337
Splitbark legs.png Splitbark legs 23,592
Splitbark gauntlets.png Splitbark gauntlets 2,466
Splitbark boots.png Splitbark boots 8,715
Total 67,713

Bonuses[edit | edit source]

ItemAttack BonusesDefence BonusesOther
Stab attackSlash attackCrush attackMagic attackRanged attackStab defenceSlash defenceCrush defenceMagic defenceRanged defenceMelee strengthMagic damageRanged strengthPrayer bonusWeightMembers
Splitbark helmSplitbark helm0003-2109113000%000.907Member icon.png
Splitbark bodySplitbark body00010-1036264215000%004.535Member icon.png
Splitbark legsSplitbark legs0007-722202510000%003.628Member icon.png
Splitbark gauntletsSplitbark gauntlets0002-13242000%000.907Member icon.png
Splitbark bootsSplitbark boots0002-13242000%000.907Member icon.png