Spring Elemental

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Spring Elemental
Spring Elemental.png
Released12 February 2007 (Update)
LocationSorceress's Garden spring garden
ExamineA spring elemental.
Advanced data
NPC ID2956,2957,2958,2959,2960,2961,2962,2963

Spring elementals are found in the spring garden of the Sorceress's Garden. They guard the herb garden and spring sq'irk Sq'irk tree that the player attempts to steal from. If they spot the player or the player successfully steals from the garden, they teleport the player outside to the central garden.

They cannot teleport players through walls, so by timing movements, players can get an elemental stuck behind a wall without the elemental losing targeting. Other players will be able to walk past unless they stand too close or on its path causing the elemental to teleport everyone who can be caught out of the garden. However, if the targeted player gets a sq'irk and returns the to garden, the elemental will still be targeting that player.