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Sq'irkjuice is made from sq'irk fruit, which are obtained in the Sorceress's Garden minigame. The juice is made by using a pestle and mortar with the correct amount of Sq'irks from a Sq'irk tree (players need to have a beer glass in their inventory). The resulting juice can then be traded to Osman for Thieving experience. The best way to train thieving with sq'irkjuice is to bring a pestle and mortar and enough beer glasses so that there are only enough empty slots in the inventory for the number of Sq'irks needed to fill a glass. Whenever your inventory is full, squeeze the Sq'irks into a glass, minimising bank runs and hence maximising efficiency. Picking Sq'irk fruit also gives Farming experience (30 for Winter, 40 for Spring, 50 for Autumn and 60 for Summer).

When drunk, Sq'irkjuice will temporarily boost a player's Thieving level. There are 4 types of Sq'irkjuice: Winter, Spring, Autumn, and Summer. Winter Sq'irks are the easiest to obtain, although 5 of them are needed to make one glass. Spring Sq'irks are slightly more difficult to get, but only 4 are needed for a glass. Autumn Sq'irks are the second hardest to get, and 3 are needed to make a glass. Summer Sq'irks are the most sought after by Osman, and only 2 are needed to fill a glass. Note: all Sq'irks and Sq'irkjuices are untradeable.

Drinking Sq'irkjuice[edit | edit source]

Below, a table lists the properties and benefits of drinking a certain type of Sq'irkjuice, as given in the RuneScape Game Guide.

Type Sq'irks Thieving Boost Run Energy Boost
Winter 5 +0 +5%
Spring 4 +1 +10%
Autumn 3 +2 +15%
Summer 2 +3 +20%