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Stackable items are items which only take up one space in a player's inventory. When multiple stackable items are carried in the inventory, a number is shown on the item's picture to indicate the quantity of items in the stack. Stackable items do not weigh anything, and cannot be withdrawn as a bank note. Stackable items include coins, runes, arrows, seeds, bank notes, purple sweets and other items such as feathers, arrow shafts, nails, bolt tips, skewer sticks, woad leaves, and proboscises. Also, swamp tar and anything made from swamp tar, such as swamp paste or guam tar, is always stackable. Most items appear to be stackable in a player's bank to preserve bank space.

Limit of a stack[edit | edit source]

The maximum quantity of an item a player can hold in a stack is 2,147,483,647 (231-1). This is because the value of a stack is represented as a signed (positive or negative) 32-bit integer.

Dark essence fragments and coin pouches can stack only to a specific amount instead of following the format for other stackable items (respectively 108 fragments, and 28 pouches). Containers other than the inventory which allow storage of stackable items, such as rune pouches, bolt pouches, and the master scroll book, among others, may have lower limits on the maximum stack of items (for these cases, the limits are 16,000 for the rune pouch, 10,000 for the bolt pouch, and 1,000 for the master scroll book).

Truncation convention[edit | edit source]

When referring to numbers, truncation is the removal of insignificant digits from the end of a number.

In Old School RuneScape, stacks of items have their quantity truncated to reduce the number of characters required to show the quantity of an item in a stack.

For stacks of items containing less than 100,000, the amount is rendered precisely, such as "31337", and the examine text is that of an individual item. For stacks 100,000 or more, the examine text displays the exact number of items in a stack, and the following conventions are used to display the quantity in a bank or inventory slot:

Range Text Colour Suffix Multiplier Example
from to
0 99,999 Yellow None 1 99,999 displayed as "99999"
100,000 9,999,999 White K 1,000 9,999,999 displayed as "9999K"
10,000,000 2,147,483,647 Green M 1,000,000 999,999,999 displayed as "999M"

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
18 December 2014

Displays that use stackable items no longer show a stack size of -1.

6 November 2014

You can no longer stake a stack of items if the total stack of spoils will be great than 2147M due to inventory space limits.

Trivia[edit | edit source]