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The standard spellbook icon.

Standard spells (also called the standard spellbook) are a group of Magic spells available to all players. It is unlocked by default upon character creation, and can be used at level 1 Magic.

All the spells in this Spellbook require Mind, Air, Body, Earth, Water, Cosmic, Fire, Nature, Chaos, Law, Death, Blood, Soul and Wrath runes. Staves are also required to cast some of the spells, including Iban's staff, slayer's staff or staff of the dead, Saradomin staff or staff of light, Zamorak staff, and Guthix staff or void knight mace.

Overview[edit | edit source]

All spells in the standard spellbook.

The spells in the standard spellbook can be divided into a number of distinct classifications.

Combat spells[edit | edit source]

Spells such as Water Strike and Fire Blast are simple: They deal damage to one target, with the amount of damage varying according to the spell's maximum hit and other modifiers. The accuracy of these spells is determined by a number of factors, none of which are the spell itself; all other things being equal.

There are four main elements for combat spells in the standard spellbook: wind (air), water, earth, and fire. Additionally, there are five increasingly strong groups of spells: strike spells, bolt spells, blast spells, wave spells, and surge spells. Among these groups, wind spells are always the weakest, and fire spells are always the strongest. The elements themselves do not seem to affect much except in a few circumstances; for example, metal dragons such as iron dragons are said to be weaker to fire spells than the other elements. Each of these spells makes use of at least one catalyst rune (such as mind runes or death runes), a number of air runes, and a number of water runes, earth runes, or fire runes depending on the spell.

In addition to the elemental spells, there are a number of unique combat spells with different properties. Iban Blast requires that Iban's staff be equipped to use it, and casts of Iban Blast drain charges on the staff until it must eventually be recharged; however, it hits extremely hard for the level required to use it. Magic Dart uses no elemental runes, instead using only death runes and mind runes, and has a maximum hit determined by the caster's Magic level. Each of the god spells has a secondary effect upon a successful hit.

Compared to melee and Ranged, some lower-levelled offensive spells have exceptionally high maximum hits for the levels required to cast them. For example, Fire Strike can hit up to 8 damage at a mere level 13 Magic, which is not possible (assuming reasonably consistent skill levels) with either melee or Ranged.

Curses[edit | edit source]

Curses are offensive spells that temporarily lower the target's stats. As Magic is meant to be strong against melee users, the various curse spells lower Attack, Strength and Defence by either 5% or 10%. Additionally, Teleport Block may be classified as a curse, although it prevents teleportation rather than lowering a stat. Free players have access to the first three curses (Confuse, Weaken and Curse). All curse spells aside from Teleport Block make use of either body or soul runes, as well as earth and water runes.

Curse spells do not stack with themselves or similar curses; for example, it is not possible to frequently cast Stun on a target to drain its Attack further than 10%, nor is it possible to cast Confuse afterward for an additional 5% drain.

Binding spells[edit | edit source]

Spells that prevent the target from moving are binding spells. The ability to deal damage from a distance is one of a mage's greatest advantages in combat, and binding spells ensure that melee users are unable to get too close. Free players may use Bind, which holds the target for 5 seconds, but members can use the Snare and Entangle spells, which hold the target for 10 and 15 seconds, respectively. Binding spells use nature runes.

After a binding spell wears off, its target is immune to successive binding spells for five seconds.

Teleports[edit | edit source]

The standard spellbook contains a number of teleport spells, which instantly transport the caster to a certain destination. These spells are popular as they offer a considerably faster method of transportation than walking everywhere, and several of them, such as Varrock Teleport, lead to popular areas of the map. Free players may access all teleport spells up to and including Falador Teleport. All teleport spells use law runes in addition to other runes.

The standard spellbook is also the only spellbook to feature teleother spells (although the Lunar spellbook has 'Tele Group' spells). When cast on another player, these spells will teleport that player to a certain destination. However, the targeted player must have Accept Aid on, and will be asked whether they wish to accept the teleportation. All teleother spells use soul runes in addition to law runes.

Enchantment spells[edit | edit source]

Enchantment spells imbue certain items with magical properties, giving them new abilities. Any piece of jewellery crafted with a gem may be enchanted by the proper Enchant Jewellery spell, and crossbow bolts with tips made from gems may be enchanted by the proper Enchant Crossbow Bolt spell. Enchanted jewellery items have a wide variety of effects, such as teleportation, increased equipment bonuses, and assistance in skills such as Smithing and Runecraft. Enchanted crossbow bolts gain secondary effects in combat. Additionally, the Charge Orb spells may be used to imbue unpowered orbs with elemental magic, after which they may be used to make elemental staves. All enchantment spells make use of cosmic runes.

Alchemy spells[edit | edit source]

Alchemy spells convert items into other items. There are only three alchemy spells in the game. Low Level Alchemy and High Level Alchemy convert items into certain amounts of coins, and Superheat Item may be used to forge ore into bars without a furnace. These three spells all use nature runes and fire runes.

Spell summary[edit | edit source]

Icon Mobile
Spell Magic Level Runes Required Experience Base Max hit[1] Notes
Home Teleport icon.png
Home Teleport icon (mobile).png
Lumbridge Home Teleport 0 None 0 Teleports the player to Lumbridge. It can only used once every 30 minutes and can be interrupted by combat.
Wind Strike icon.png
Wind Strike icon (mobile).png
Wind Strike 1 1Mind1Air 5.5+ 2
Confuse icon.png
Confuse icon (mobile).png
Confuse 3 1Body2Earth3Water 13 Lowers the target's Attack by 5%.
Opal bolts (e) detail.png
Enchant Crossbow Bolt icon (mobile).png
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Opal) 4 1Cosmic2Air 9 Enchants opal bolts into opal bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Water Strike icon.png
Water Strike icon (mobile).png
Water Strike 5 1Mind1Water1Air 7.5+ 4
Lvl-1 Enchant icon.png
Lvl-1 Enchant icon (mobile).png
Lvl-1 Enchant 7 1Cosmic1Water 17.5 Enchants jewellery items made with sapphires.
Sapphire bolts (e) detail.png
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Sapphire) 7 1Cosmic1Water 17 Enchants sapphire bolts into sapphire bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Earth Strike icon.png
Earth Strike icon (mobile).png
Earth Strike 9 1Mind2Earth1Air 9.5+ 6
Weaken icon.png
Weaken icon (mobile).png
Weaken 11 1Body2Earth3Water 21 Lowers the target's Strength by 5%.
Fire Strike icon.png
Fire Strike icon (mobile).png
Fire Strike 13 1Mind3Fire2Air 11.5+ 8 Maximum hit is increased to 12 with tome of fire.
Jade bolts (e) detail.png
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Jade) 14 1Cosmic2Earth 19 Enchants jade bolts into jade bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Bones to bananas icon.png
Bones to Bananas icon (mobile).png
Bones to Bananas 15 1Nature2Earth2Water 25 Converts all normal bones in the inventory into bananas.
Wind Bolt icon.png
Wind Bolt icon (mobile).png
Wind Bolt 17 1Chaos2Air 13.5+ 9 Maximum hit is increased to 12 with chaos gauntlets.
Curse icon.png
Curse icon (mobile).png
Curse 19 1Body3Earth2Water 29 Lowers the target's Defence by 5%.
Bind icon.png
Bind icon (mobile).png
Bind 20 2Nature3Earth3Water 30 Prevents the target from moving for 5 seconds.
Low level alchemy icon.png
Low Level Alchemy icon (mobile).png
Low Level Alchemy 21 1Nature3Fire 31 Converts an item into an amount of coins equivalent to the price that a general store will pay for it at zero stock.
Water Bolt icon.png
Water Bolt icon (mobile).png
Water Bolt 23 1Chaos2Water2Air 16.5+ 10 Maximum hit is increased to 13 with chaos gauntlets.
Pearl bolts (e) detail.png
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Pearl) 24 1Cosmic2Water 29 Enchants pearl bolts into pearl bolts (e).
Varrock Teleport icon.png
Varrock Teleport icon (mobile).png
Varrock Teleport 25 1Law1Fire3Air 35 Teleports the caster to the market square in Varrock.
Lvl-2 Enchant icon.png
Lvl-2 Enchant icon (mobile).png
Lvl-2 Enchant 27 1Cosmic3Air 37 Enchants jewellery items made with emeralds.
Emerald bolts (e) detail.png
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Emerald) 27 1Nature1Cosmic3Air 37 Enchants emerald bolts into emerald bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Earth Bolt icon.png
Earth Bolt icon (mobile).png
Earth Bolt 29 1Chaos1Earth3Air 19.5+ 11 Maximum hit is increased to 14 with chaos gauntlets.
Topaz bolts (e) detail.png
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Red Topaz) 29 1Cosmic2Fire 33 Enchants topaz bolts into topaz bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Lumbridge Teleport icon.png
Lumbridge Teleport icon (mobile).png
Lumbridge Teleport 31 1Law1Earth3Air 41 Teleports the caster to the courtyard of Lumbridge Castle.
Telekinetic Grab icon.png
Telekinetic Grab icon (mobile).png
Telekinetic Grab 33 1Law1Air 43 Remotely takes an item laying on the ground or on a table. Can be cast through barriers such as fences and jail cell bars, but not through solid objects like doors or walls.
Fire Bolt icon.png
Fire Bolt icon (mobile).png
Fire Bolt 35 1Chaos4Fire3Air 22.5+ 12 Maximum hit is increased to 15 with chaos gauntlets, 18 with tome of fire, and 21 with both.
Falador Teleport icon.png
Falador Teleport icon (mobile).png
Falador Teleport 37 1Law1Water3Air 48 Teleports the caster to the centre of Falador.
Crumble Undead icon.png
Crumble Undead icon (mobile).png
Crumble Undead 39 1Chaos2Earth2Air 24.5+ 15 May only be cast against undead monsters, such as skeletons, zombies, ghosts and shades.
Teleport to House icon.png
Teleport to House icon (mobile).png
Teleport to House 40 1Law1Earth1Air 30 Teleports the caster to their player-owned house. This spell's destination can either be the exit portal inside the house itself, or outside the entrance portal.
Wind Blast icon.png
Wind Blast icon (mobile).png
Wind Blast 41 1Death3Air 25.5+ 13
Superheat item icon.png
Superheat item icon (mobile).png
Superheat Item 43 1Nature4Fire 53 Smelts ore into bars without need of a furnace. Iron ore's success rate is 100% when used with this spell.
Camelot Teleport icon.png
Camelot Teleport icon (mobile).png
Camelot Teleport 45 1Law5Air 55.5 Teleports the caster to the gates of Camelot.
Water Blast icon.png
Water Blast icon (mobile).png
Water Blast 47 1Death3Water3Air 28.5+ 14
Lvl-3 Enchant icon.png
Lvl-3 Enchant icon (mobile).png
Lvl-3 Enchant 49 1Cosmic5Fire 59 Enchants jewellery items made with rubies.
Ruby bolts (e) detail.png
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Ruby) 49 1Blood1Cosmic5Fire 59 Enchants ruby bolts into ruby bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Iban Blast icon.png
Iban Blast icon (mobile).png
Iban Blast 50 1Death5Fire 30+ 25 Requires completion of Underground Pass and that Iban's staff be equipped. The staff must be recharged after 120 casts of Iban Blast (60 casts against other players) (2500 if you have an upgraded Iban's staff)
Snare icon.png
Snare icon (mobile).png
Snare 50 3Nature4Earth4Water 60 Prevents the target from moving for 10 seconds.
Magic Dart icon.png
Magic Dart icon (mobile).png
Magic Dart 50 1Death4Mind 30+ 15 Requires 55 Slayer and use of either a slayer staff or staff of the dead. Magic Dart's maximum hit is 10% of the caster's Magic level plus 10, and it is the only spell that can damage turoth and kurasks.
Ardougne Teleport icon.png
Ardougne Teleport icon (mobile).png
Ardougne Teleport 51 2Law2Water 61 Requires completion of Plague City. Teleports the caster to the market square in East Ardougne.
Earth Blast icon.png
Earth Blast icon (mobile).png
Earth Blast 53 1Death4Earth3Air 31.5+ 15
High Level Alchemy icon.png
High Level Alchemy icon (mobile).png
High Level Alchemy 55 1Nature5Fire 65 Converts an item into the amount of coins that a specialty shop will pay for it at zero stock; the amount is 50% greater than that of Low Level Alchemy.
Charge Water Orb icon.png
Charge Water Orb icon (mobile).png
Charge Water Orb 56 3Cosmic30Water1Unpowered Orb 56 Turns an unpowered orb into a water orb when cast at the Obelisk of Water.
Lvl-4 Enchant icon.png
Lvl-4 Enchant icon (mobile).png
Lvl-4 Enchant 57 1Cosmic10Earth 67 Enchants jewellery items made with diamonds.
Diamond bolts (e) detail.png
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Diamond) 57 2Law1Cosmic10Earth 67 Enchants diamond bolts into diamond bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Watchtower Teleport icon.png
Watchtower Teleport icon (mobile).png
Watchtower Teleport 58 2Law2Earth 68 Requires completion of Watchtower Quest. Teleports the caster to the top of the Watchtower outside of Yanille.
Fire Blast icon.png
Fire Blast icon (mobile).png
Fire Blast 59 1Death5Fire4Air 34.5+ 16 This is the strongest combat spell that free players may cast. Maximum hit is increased to 24 with tome of fire.
Charge Earth Orb icon.png
Charge Earth Orb icon (mobile).png
Charge Earth Orb 60 3Cosmic30Earth1Unpowered Orb 70 Turns an unpowered orb into an earth orb when cast at the Obelisk of Earth.
Bones to peaches icon.png
Bones to Peaches icon (mobile).png
Bones to Peaches 60 2Nature2Earth4Water 65 Must be unlocked at the Mage Training Arena. Converts all bones up to and including big bones in the caster's inventory into peaches.
Saradomin Strike icon.png
Saradomin Strike icon (mobile).png
Saradomin Strike 60 2Blood2Fire4Air 61+ 20 Must be unlocked at the Mage Arena; additionally, a Saradomin staff is required to cast it. Lowers the target's Prayer by 1 each hit. Maximum hit increases to 30 with Charge active, which requires a Saradomin cape to be equipped.
Claws of Guthix icon.png
Claws of Guthix icon (mobile).png
Claws of Guthix 60 2Blood1Fire4Air 61+ 20 Must be unlocked at the Mage Arena; additionally, a Guthix staff or a void knight mace are required to cast it. Lowers the target's Defence by 5%. Maximum hit increases to 30 with Charge active, which requires a Guthix cape to be equipped.
Flames of Zamorak icon.png
Flames of Zamorak icon (mobile).png
Flames of Zamorak 60 2Blood4Fire1Air 61+ 20 Must be unlocked at the Mage Arena; additionally, a Zamorak staff is required to cast it. Lowers the target's Magic by 5%. Maximum hit increases to 30 with Charge active, which requires a Zamorak cape.
Trollheim Teleport icon.png
Trollheim Teleport icon (mobile).png
Trollheim Teleport 61 2Law2Fire 68 Requires completion of Eadgar's Ruse. Teleports the caster to the top of Trollheim.
Wind Wave icon.png
Wind Wave icon (mobile).png
Wind Wave 62 1Blood5Air 36+ 17
Charge Fire Orb icon.png
Charge Fire Orb icon (mobile).png
Charge Fire Orb 63 3Cosmic30Fire1Unpowered Orb 73 Turns an unpowered orb into a fire orb when cast at the Obelisk of Fire.
Ape Atoll Teleport (standard) icon.png
Ape Atoll Teleport (standard) icon (mobile).png
Ape Atoll Teleport 64 2Law2Fire2Water1Banana 74 Requires completion of the Freeing King Awowogei subsection of Recipe for Disaster. Teleports the caster to a safe area in the church on Ape Atoll.
Water Wave icon.png
Water Wave icon (mobile).png
Water Wave 65 1Blood7Water5Air 37.5+ 18
Charge Air Orb icon.png
Charge Air Orb icon (mobile).png
Charge Air Orb 66 3Cosmic30Air1Unpowered Orb 76 Turns an unpowered orb into an air orb when cast at the Obelisk of Air.
Vulnerability icon.png
Vulnerability icon (mobile).png
Vulnerability 66 1Soul5Earth5Water 76 Lowers the target's Defence by 10%.
Lvl-5 Enchant icon.png
Lvl-5 Enchant icon (mobile).png
Lvl-5 Enchant 68 1Cosmic15Earth15Water 78 Enchants jewellery items made with dragonstones.
Dragonstone bolts (e) detail.png
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Dragonstone) 68 1Soul1Cosmic12Earth 78 Enchants dragonstone bolt into dragonstone bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Kourend Castle Teleport icon.png
Kourend Castle Teleport icon (mobile).png
Kourend Castle Teleport 69 2Soul2Law5Fire4Water 82 Requires reading the book transportation incantations. Teleports the caster to the Kourend Castle courtyard.
Earth Wave icon.png
Earth Wave icon (mobile).png
Earth Wave 70 1Blood7Earth5Air 40+ 19
Enfeeble icon.png
Enfeeble icon (mobile).png
Enfeeble 73 1Soul8Earth8Water 83 Lowers the target's Strength by 10%.
Teleother Lumbridge icon.png
Teleother Lumbridge icon (mobile).png
Teleother Lumbridge 74 1Soul1Law1Earth 84 Teleports another player, who must have Accept Aid on, to the courtyard of Lumbridge Castle.
Fire Wave icon.png
Fire Wave icon (mobile).png
Fire Wave 75 1Blood7Fire5Air 42.5+ 20 Maximum hit is increased to 30 with tome of fire.
Entangle icon.png
Entangle icon (mobile).png
Entangle 79 4Nature5Earth5Water 70 Prevents the target from moving for 15 seconds.
Stun icon.png
Stun icon (mobile).png
Stun 80 1Soul12Earth12Water 90 Lowers the target's Attack by 10%.
Charge icon.png
Charge icon (mobile).png
Charge 80 3Blood3Fire3Air 180 Increases the maximum hits of Saradomin Strike, Claws of Guthix and Flames of Zamorak to 30 (50% extra damage) for about seven minutes.
Wind Surge icon.png
Wind Surge icon (mobile).png
Wind Surge 81 1Wrath7Air 44.5+ 21
Teleother Falador icon.png
Teleother Falador icon (mobile).png
Teleother Falador 82 1Soul1Law1Water 92 Teleports another player, who must have Accept Aid on, to the middle of Falador.
Water Surge icon.png
Water Surge icon (mobile).png
Water Surge 85 1Wrath10Water7Air 46.5+ 22
Tele Block icon.png
Tele Block icon (mobile).png
Tele Block 85 1Law1Death1Chaos 80 Can only be cast on another player in the Wilderness. Prevents the target from using any form of teleportation for five minutes (two and a half minutes if the target has Protect from Magic active at the time of the casting).
Teleport to Bounty Target icon.png
Teleport to Bounty Target icon (mobile).png
Teleport to Bounty Target 85 1Law1Death1Chaos 45 Teleports the player within 12 squares of their assigned target in the Bounty Hunter minigame, provided that they have unlocked the spell via bounty teleport scroll.
Lvl-6 Enchant icon.png
Lvl-6 Enchant icon (mobile).png
Lvl-6 Enchant 87 1Cosmic20Fire20Earth 97 Enchants jewellery items made with onyx.
Onyx bolts (e) detail.png
Enchant Crossbow Bolt (Onyx) 87 1Death1Cosmic20Fire 97 Enchants onyx bolts into onyx bolts (e), 10 at a time.
Teleother Camelot icon.png
Teleother Camelot icon (mobile).png
Teleother Camelot 90 2Soul1Law 100 Teleports another player, who must have Accept Aid on, to the gates of Camelot.
Earth Surge icon.png
Earth Surge icon (mobile).png
Earth Surge 90 1Wrath10Earth7Air 48.5+ 23
Lvl-7 Enchant icon.png
Lvl-7 Enchant icon (mobile).png
Lvl-7 Enchant 93 20Soul20Blood1Cosmic 110 Enchants jewellery items made with zenyte.
Fire Surge icon.png
Fire Surge icon (mobile).png
Fire Surge 95 1Wrath10Fire7Air 50.5+ 24 Maximum hit is increased to 36 with tome of fire.
  1. Max hit may be increased by using equipment which increases magic damage.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Within the game cache, there are three other unused spell icons that can be found (Unused standard spell 1.png Unused standard spell 2.png Unused standard spell 3.png). According to Mod Wolf, there are a lot of unused assets in the game directory in which their use has been forgotten[1], with him guessing the intended uses of the spells.
Restraint icon (mobile).png
  • There is also one unused mobile spell icon within the game cache, which is the icon for Restraint, a level 89 spell costing 5 Wrath, 10 Fire and 10 Earth runes per cast, capable of hitting up to 8 damage and being able to freeze a single opponent for 20 seconds. This spell was offered in the Revenant Cave Rewards: Revisited & Content Changes Poll, but failed by 3.3% votes.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jagex. Mod Wolf's Twitter account. 6 November 2018. Mod Wolf: "There's a lot of these kind of unused assets in our directory. If I was to guess, the 2nd would be a stronger version of crumble undead and the 3rd would likely be a spell stronger against demons. The first I can't really make out."