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Stat restoration is the process of returning the player's skills back to their normal levels. Deboosts can occur from the environments, like the Ice Path, negative effects of boosts, using certain items, when attacked by other players in PvP, or from monsters.

Death is a special stat restore that all resets positive boosts as well.

In some cases, when a stat is lowered below a required level, player's are no longer allowed to use things relating to that skill, for example lowering Agility below the required level of a shortcut will stop the player from being able to use the shortcut, or lowering Slayer below the required level to attack a Slayer monster. However, some things are unaffected, a lowered Slayer does not stop you from receiving tasks from Slayer masters requiring a Slayer level.

Full restore[edit | edit source]

Partial restore[edit | edit source]

Natural restoration[edit | edit source]

Every minute, equivalent to 100 ticks, Hitpoints along with any boosted or deboosted stat is restored by 1 closer to its current level, however these can be at different times depending when they occured. If the player consumed a boost or overhealed, the skill will lose one point, and if the player lowered their skill it would be restored by one.

The amount of Hitpoints restored can be double by equiping a Hitpoints cape or turning on the Rapid Heal prayer, these do not stack with each other, however they do stack with a regen braclet which will double the rate again.

The Dream Lunar spell stacks additively, plus 3 per minute.