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The locations of the houses Captain Khaled assigns you to steal from.

Stealing artefacts is a thieving activity located in Port Piscarilius. Players with level 49 Thieving and 75% Piscarilius favour can talk to Captain Khaled to engage in stealing artefacts from those living in the residential district. Captain Khaled is located in the huge building south-east of the bank.

Players must use a lockpick or a hair clip to steal artefacts (stolen pendant, stolen garnet ring, stolen circlet, stolen family heirloom, or stolen jewelry box) from drawers inside the assigned house and smuggle them out without attracting the attention of constantly moving patrolmen and patrolwomen. If players are caught with stolen goods, they will be relocated near the Kourend guards south-west of the general store. Players must travel back to Captain Khaled on foot, as teleportation will remove the artefact.

A successful heist awards 500-1,000 coins, and 2% Piscarilius favour. In addition you earn 750 Thieving xp for successfully picking the lock and retrieving the artefact and additional Thieving xp equal to 40 times your thieving level for safely delivering the artefact to Captain Khaled. Note, if you logout or teleport after acquiring the artefact, but before you safely deliver it, you will need to report to Khaled that you lost the item and will have to get another task.

The residential section of town is found in the southwestern-most section of Port Piscarilius and consists of 6 buildings on 4 docks over the water.

Experience Rates[edit | edit source]

Using guard lures (below) and stamina / super energy potions, a player can complete each path in the following times on average:

House Time Time (Kharedst's memoirs)
North 1:00 0:50
Southeast 1:05 0:55
South 1:10 1:00
West 1:20 1:10
Northwest 1:25 1:15
Southwest 1:30 1:25

Each lap will take 1 minute 15 seconds on average, and 48.0 artefacts can be stolen per hour. Using Kharedst's memoirs to return to town, each lap will take 1 minute 5 seconds on average, and 55.4 artefacts can be stolen per hour.

Thieving Level Estimated XP/hr Estimated XP/hr (Kharedst's memoirs)
49 130,080 150,000
55 141,600 163,000
60 151,200 174,000
65 160,800 186,000
70 170,400 197,000
75 180,000 208,000
80 189,600 219,000
85 199,200 230,000
90 208,800 241,000
95 218,400 252,000
99 226,080 261,000

Paths[edit | edit source]

North-western, south-western and western house[edit | edit source]

The artefacts are located up the ladder in a drawer. For the south-western house, wait until the patrolwoman is walking away from you, then run to the spot in the first image.

Southern, northern and south-eastern house[edit | edit source]

The artefacts are located up the ladder in a drawer. For the northern house, the artefacts are located on the ground floor.

If stealing an artefact at the northern house, wait until both the patrolman circling around the house and the patrolwoman north of the house are walking away from you before moving to the spot in the second image.

Efficient method using only Middle and South-East exits with guard lures[edit | edit source]

You can gain increased xp rates by only using the south-eastern exit for the south-east house, and the middle bridge for all other houses. Setting up the guards requires you to have an artefact in your inventory in order to have their attention. If you get too close to the guards they will turn around and catch you, and you will have to set up the lures again. Doing this may take several attempts to get the timing right.

Middle bridge Guard Lure Setup[edit | edit source]

Walk under the guard to get his attention without being caught, and quickly teleport to a far away area, which will force the guard to look to the south.
One example of using the middle bridge after the guard is lured to look south, being sure to keep a 1 tile distance between you and the guard.

South-Eastern Guard Lure Setup[edit | edit source]

Walk under the guard to get his attention, then run back and climb the ladder to lose his attention, causing him to be stuck facing the pillar, then pass him while keeping a 1 tile distance.
West bridge safe-spots useful for Southwest, West, and Northwest houses.